How to use HH Know-How


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To contact the office-holders mentioned here, refer to the Contacts page of the club website for a name and email address, and then the printed membership list if you need a phone number.

Please notify the relevant office-holder or the club Chair about errors and omissions.


Keep it short! Assume basic knowledge acquired by having competed in our events. Avoid giving contact details in HH Know-How, since anyone can read it.

Documents for which you want to provide a download link should be sent to the club webmaster, who will store them on our website and provide you with the link.

Data Privacy

You have a duty to keep orienteers' personal data secure, to ensure it is accurate, and to use it only for our declared purposes. Please (re)read the Club's data privacy statement. Please (re)check that any information you are holding, and anything you publish on this wiki, meets these terms.