We would like to be the first to welcome and thank you for taking the time to look at Hey Charlie Studios. There are so many options out there today and that you consider our facility is truly humbling.

It is truly a family atmosphere here at HCS and we welcome you to our home for your next project.

Every Musician has a voice....Every Musician has the ability to create memorable moments....Hey Charlie! Studios is here to capture those moments.

Located just outside the historic Downtown of Crown Point, Indiana you can find a studio that will be your home away from home. A place that you can feel relaxed, inspired, comfortable; a place where you can create music.

Hey Charlie Studios was born from the idea that musicians should have the ability to work in a space and environment that is for musicians and is a space run by musicians. We have worked hard to create a space that is comfortable and feels like home. A place that you can be creative within; a place that can capture moments of your talents that you can feel proud of in the end. If you are looking for huge live rooms, reverb chambers, huge consoles, etc. this is not your place. If you like a laid back, relaxed environment; a place you can record guitar tracks while sitting from a sofa, with occasional visits from our pets and kids. Then this is the place for you to come and create in.

I got my start recording as a way to help my band, Oceans Over Airplanes, demo out material. During the creation of the studio and the time spent within, I began to develop skills that I thought I could share with others. I have also been a big believer in helping other musicians around me, whether with gear advice, booking shows, etc. and I realized over time that I could help other bands create music as well. Give them a great experience that will make them love the recording process and help them develop a skill set for continued success as musicians. If I can help give bands advice and not have them make the mistakes I have had to make, I feel like I have succeeded.

Recording I have learned is way more that just pushing some buttons and putting a mic in the room. I have and will continue to spend hours educating myself on the craft. I love engineering, producing, songwriting, and mixing. I know that I still have room to improve. The good thing is that every project I work on continues to show my growth as an engineer. Every project is something that I take very seriously. The moments I get to spend with other artists are gift that I do not take lightly. As a result I have gained some great friendships with many of my clients and I hope that you will be interested in joining the Hey Charlie Studios family in the future.

I look forward to working with you soon.

Please fill out the Contact form on our website or email us directly at to schedule time or receive a quote.