Tracking Room - Guitar and Bass Players have the luxury of tracking in this room away from their amps. The room is large enough to fit the whole band.

Lounge Area - Perfect place to relax and clear your head. We have vinyl, games both analog and digital. This also makes a great place to work on other parts or lyrics.

Tracking Room - You will spend many hours sitting at this futon and enjoying the special lighting we have installed to help your creativity and mood.

Live Room - This is where we track drums, place all speaker cabinets and lay down vocals. The room has two modes. Right now the work lights are on. When tracking begins we have mood lighting more conducive for creativity and comfort.

Lounge Area - Opposite wall of chairs and artwork

Live Room- Window provide line of sight for drummers and vocalists during the recording process to help with communication.

Lounge Area: Original artwork created by the crew at HCS.

Live Room - Images of some of our mic locker. Our room's walls are fully treated and we have a floating floor to help decouple sound.

Bar Area - Loaded with TV, Video Games, Cable, Fridges for your use. Great place to eat lunch and relax.

Bar Area - Seating for many members. USB charging outlets to keep that phone charged up for all your studio updates.