Engineering a session is the process of creating great tone sources and using various microphones and microphone techniques to capture that sound. Once the sounds are in the computer the tracks are edited and cleaned up for the mixing phase.


Producing is the process of taking a song or collection of songs brought into the studio and re-working the material. Here is it appropriate for song structures to be reorganized, instruments parts to be re-written, and new melodies to be constructed. It however is not just changing parts it could be the addition of new parts to further enhance the song or to drive the song in a specific direction sonically/stylistically.


This is the process where all the recorded parts undergoing various forms of enhancement, from EQ, to compression, reverb, pitch correction, drum sampling, re-amping. Here the appropriate volume for each source is set and even automation is applied to enable songs to have dynamic range.


Pre-production is the process of simply recording rough song ideas. These are meant to be rough recordings, unpolished ideas. However much better quality than just placing your iPhone in the middle of the room. It has become an essential part for bands/artists to come back into the studio with a better idea or plan before they make final recordings. Also pre-production is a great way for producers to get a better sense of the song and where to possibly push the song in the future stylistically.


Unlike producing, where a fully constructed song is presented to a producer, Songwriting is when an artist/band seeks out an original idea that they have yet to create. In many cases artists work along side a songwriter and co-write original pieces of music.


Recording done for TV/Radio, etc. mostly used in advertising.


Hey Charlie is also offering Band Promo Photo Sessions, Studio Photos, B reel Studio Content, Studio Teaser Videos, Music Videos, Lyric Videos, etc. We will tailor these sessions to build cohesive assets to for your upcoming releases. HCS can also build and design your Social Media banners to match your release cycle needs.