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Popular E-Juice Flavours

There are many different e-juice flavours out there. There are common ones, like strawberry or banana, and there are also ones which are a little more fun, like cheesecake and blueberry flavour.

However, out of the many different kinds out there, which ones are the most popular?

Gummy Bear

A gummy bear e-juice? That's right. This has the great and tasty flavour of a real life gummy bear (well, a jello one anyway), and it's incredible. It has a deep flavor - you just can't get enough of the taste! This is definitely one for all those lovers of candy out there.

USA Blend

The USA Blend has a musky flavor that's bold and clean, and it'll probably make you feel like a cowboy!

If you're not really into sweet and fruity flavors, then the USA Blend may be what you're looking for. However, it does still taste pretty good, even for people with a sweet tooth.

Blue Raz Cotton Candy

This amazingly sweet e-juice tastes just like the famous carnival treat. Plus, it was created by popular demand!

If you're looking for an extremely sweet taste, this e-juice is for you. The blue raspberry is the main flavor you'll taste, but then you'll have the cotton candy hit as an aftertaste!

Pink Spot

This e-juice has the flavor of lime, raspberry, and pineapple - making it incredibly cool, strange, and tasty all at the same time! Why not give it a go? It really does hit the spot for the lovers of great sweet tastes!


Swagger has a smooth tobacco flavor, and it's great for people who want to switch from smoking to vaping! However, it also has a slightly sweet flavor to it, too.

Black Mamba

This e-juice is inspired by cocktails, and it has quite a bite to go with it. Black Mamba's blend is highlighted by blackberry, cranberry, and also hints of citrus. If you like flavorful cocktails (or flavor in general!), then Black Mamba is a must try!

Rip Tide

Rip Tide has a hint of cool menthol, which works amazingly with the tasty combo of blue raspberry and strawberry! It has a very dominant fruity taste, but with just enough menthol to make it perfectly fresh.

Frozen Lime Drop

Want another great cocktail flavor? Well, here's another one! Frozen Lime Drop is both sweet and sour, and there's also a cold flavor to it (which is provided by a hint of menthol) that'll also keep you cool!

Justin Hwang2 years ago

Ive been steeping my e liquid for the past 2 months, AKA i lost it somewhere...


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what I took from this is, Rip has a tall cigar box.


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I try to breathe in moderation, but I'm aware that failing to breathe leads to death, so I breathe a lot.


Soon there will be vape juice bottles like "2012"