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Are All E-Cigarettes The Same in Australia?

While it may sound like a strange question to ask, it can be a good idea to consider whether all electronic cigarettes are made in the same way and if they all offer the same functions if you are going to be using them. As a healthier alternative to smoking, it’s a little-known fact that there are a range of users outside of those simply hoping to quit traditional cigarettes. In fact, with such a diverse range of smokers/vapers out there there is likely to be an option for everyone, so are all E-cigarettes the same?

Different types of e cigarettes

At first glance, e-cigs may all seem to look the same, but once you delve into the process of actually buying a device, the differences may become more apparent and we'd like to review the best e cigarette in Australia. Intrinsically, they are battery powered and offer a way to deliver nicotine to users with less chemical compounds and risks, but they do come in different shapes and sizes.

The categories of ecigs are:

· Cigarlikes – these tend to resemble traditional cigarettes in both shape and size

· eGos – these are larger and tend to feature a removable, refillable ‘tank’

· Mods – these are larger still and tend to be customisable to suit the exact needs of the user

If you are wondering how to find the best e-cigarettes, you may want to consider their intended use before you make a choice.

The right e-cigarette for your needs

Those hoping to quit smoking may want to choose a style that most resembles traditional cigarettes. Many individuals report that one of the hardest parts of giving up is knowing what to do with their hands and having a similar device to hold/use can help to negate this difficulty. In these instances, it may be worth it to consider additional factors (such as run-time and the ability to be refilled), as these can all play a part in a device’s usability and convenience when acting as a replacement to a long-term habit.

For those who want to use electronic cigarettes recreationally, doing some research on Mods may be a better idea. Choosing conventional-looking options may negate the desired intention of the device and cause a user not to fully enjoy their experience. There are a range of options open to users of modified devices – and these can cater to long term use, recreational use and sometimes even multi-person use.

In all instances, to ensure that vaping is as healthy and risk free as possible, it is advisable to opt for e-liquid that contains little to no nicotine.