E Cigarette Vaporizers and Vape Pens

What Are Ecig Vaporizers

Many people decide to quit smoking and some of them may turn to using electronic cigarette vaporizers or nicotine vape pens instead. This is most likely because vaping is dubbed a healthier alternative to smoking. You may believe that these devices are just as safe to use as breathing fresh air, or that they're just as bad as smoking regular cigarettes. It's neither, which may lead you to wonder how safe vaping really is.

What is electonic cigarette vaping?

A vaping pen has different parts - and one of them is the tank. E-juice (or e-liquid) is put into the tank and then the user breathes in the vapour. E-juice can be obtained in many different flavours (such as common ones like strawberry, or crazy ones like nacho) and can contain trace amounts of nicotine.

Many users vape to help them to quit smoking and this gives them a viable opportunity to get rid of a smoking addiction for good.

What are the dangers of vaping ecigs?

Although vaping is known to be safer than smoking, it's also relatively new to the market. For this reason, there may be long term side affects which are still unknown. For those who use this method to quit smoking, nicotine is still used (albeit in smaller doses) - and this can work to further the addiction, instead of negate it.

E-cigarette vapor isn’t smoke, so it is different to smoking. And although there isn't any evidence that inhaling the ingredients in the liquid used are harmful, there could be risks in inhaling some of the flavourings.

Aside from the nicotine in vaping pens (which can temporarily increase the person's heart rate and blood pressure), it's not likely that it will cause any of the damage that smoking can cause to the heart and circulatory system, as it doesn't contain the same toxic ingredients that makes smoke so damaging.

Can vaping electronic cigarettes cause cancer?

It's not likely that vapor is carcinogenic. While smoke causes cancer cells to mutate (and it's also toxic to the bacteria), vapor doesn't mutate the cells and it isn't deemed as toxic, either.

Also, all of the toxins that are in e-cigarette vapor are in much smaller doses than in cigarettes, meaning that harmful side-effects are in turn reduced, making these devices 'safer' to use.

In short, smoking is very bad for you. It causes cancer, heart diseases and also lung damage. But, there is no evidence that vaping causes any of these serious health problems.

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