Help Animals in Ukraine

Banner photo by bin Ziegler from Pexels

How to help animals in Ukraine war?

The war in Ukraine has brought the whole world together to help. Both private persons and large organizations are donating to various charities and fundraisers globally. However, most humanitarian relief is targeted at humans. 

This site has been created for the purpose of connecting the caring community with those in need. Our goal is to make it easy to donate as well as to avoid any intermediate steps, and as such delays and minimise administrative and transaction costs. With this goal, we have collated information about individual shelters directly from them. We have done our best to verify the information on this website. This site is solely for informational purposes and free from any commercial affiliations.

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Ukrainian animal rights organisation coordinating food & funds to all shelters in Ukraine

Gostomel Shelter

A shelter for over 700 dogs & cats in Hostomel, North-West of Kyiv, in the midst of fighting

Sirius Shelter

Ukraine's largest animal shelter North of Kyiv, housing more than 3,400 dogs and cats

Vet Crew

Two vets in Odessa, by the Black Sea, sheltering wildlife, and exotic animals, and now pets

Best Friends

Shelter with over 1,000 dogs, cats, horses, goats, wolves, and raccoon dogs in Kyiv region

Animal Rescue Kharkiv

Kharkiv 24/7 animal rescue organisation, no-kill shelter, supporting dogs and cats

Zoonadia Varash 

Run by women volunteers,  this shelter helps hundreds of abandoned dogs and cats 

Zoopatrul Ukraine

Zoopatrul Ukraine specialises in vet care and is building a world-class shelter for cats & dogs

Happy Paw

Happy Paw is a foundation dedicated to helping cats and dogs in Ukraine

Pegasus Shelter

A shelter hosting wild animals, horses, cats and dogs in Dnepr

Shelter Friend

Run by Marina, the shelter Friend is home to more than 500 animals in Dnepr

Four Paws Ukraine

An international animal welfare organization, which operates a bear sanctuary west of Lviv

Plushka Animal Rescue

Shelter with over 1,000 dogs, cats, horses, goats, wolves, and raccoon dogs in Kyiv region