Special Tracks

Special track:

The challenge of online Sport and Exercise Sciences university programs


Pietro Picerno (eCampus University, Italy)


Online bachelor’s and master’s degrees in sport and exercises sciences are becoming accepted alternatives to traditional learning all over the world. However, the online teaching of such a discipline, by its nature, might be particularly challenging especially for those courses that heavily involve the practice of physical activities and testing procedures on the field. For this very reason, blended learning solutions are those most recommended and encouraged by the boards that are responsible for the accreditation of higher education institutions. Aim of this special track is answering the question: “does the online sport and exercise science student have the same learning opportunities of a traditional classroom student?” Call for papers is principally addressed to university teachers of online/blended sport and exercises courses, but proposals and thoughts from traditional universities colleagues are also welcome. Contributions may focus on:

- sharing your sport and exercise sciences online teaching models, by focusing on tools for lecture and interactive online teaching within the framework provided by your country’s educational policies;

- sharing your sport and exercise sciences blended teaching experiences;

- new technologies for supporting interactive remote learning and knowledge assessment methods (e.g., exergaming);

- data and statistics proving trends and needs of sport and exercises science online university programs;

- new perspectives in sport and exercises sciences online/blended learning;

The deadline for the submissions and the format of the submission are the same as the ones of the main tracks.