HELMeTO 2019

KeyNote Speakers

Prof. Piercesare Rivoltella (Cattolica University)


Reshaping teaching for digital higher education




Pier Cesare Rivoltella (Treviglio, 1964), Philosophy Doctor, is Full Professor in Education Technology at the Catholic University of Milan.

In the same University he is President of CREMIT (Center of Research about Education, Media, Information and technology) and of the Master: “MEM – Media Education Manager”.

He is co-founder and past president of SIREM (Italian Society for Media Education Research) and he is part of several scientific associations and committees.

He wrote and edited 30 books, about 40 essays in edited books and more than 100 articles about Media Education and Education Technology. He is also editor of the journal REM – Research on Education and Media.

Dr. Pablo Moreno Ger (Universidad Internacional de La Rioja , Spain)


Artificial Intelligence and Learning Analytics: A map of the technological future of online education.


Pushing beyond the first generations of Learning Analytics, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Data Science can open new opportunities to push the potential of different aspects of the educational process.

In this speech we will explore how Artificial Intelligence and Data Science can improve many of these aspects. In terms of management processes, we will discuss aspects such as student recruitment, course offerings and optimization of learning itineraries. In terms of teaching processes we will discuss how to identify students needing further support, anomalies in teaching records or changes in student performance among others. And in terms of assessment we will explore the potential for AI-driven assessment processes.

All these potential interventions can lay the foundations for a new generation of intelligent online higher education, where the focus is placed on helping students develop their full potential.


Dr. Pablo Moreno Ger got his Computer Engineering degree from Universidad Complutense de Madrid in 2004. He received his PhD. in computer science in 2007 in the Department of Software Engineering and Artificial Intelligence at Universidad Complutense de Madrid. He is an Associate Professor at Universidad Internacional de La Rioja (UNIR) where he is the Vice-Dean for Academic Affairs at the Graduate School of Engineering and Technology at UNIR. Previously he worked at Universidad Complutense de Madrid, where he was a member of the e-UCM research group and Vicedean for Innovation at the School of Computer Engineering. He is the Director of the PhD Program in Computer Science at UNIR. He has a strong research record in Technology-Enhanced Learning, AI, Machine Learning and Learning Analytics, and has published over 150 academic articles in these topics. He currently holds the IBM Chair on Data Science in Education (http://research.unir.net/ibmchair/) and is a member of the IAR Research Group in AI and Robotics (http://gruposinvestigacion.unir.net/ia/).