HELMeTO 2019

Call for Papers

The workshop is focused on all the relevant topics for online higher education: learning methodologies, learning technologies, software, learning outcomes evaluation, educational data analysis, learning analytics and educational big data mining. The main aim is to bring together practitioners and researchers studying these topics and, in general, to personals involved at management and/or teaching level in institutions interested in distance learning. Participants will have the opportunity to exchange good practices and points of view about the future of methodologies and technologies regarding the online teaching-learning process. Moreover, a special focus will be done to the importance of mining useful knowledge from of the data generated on virtual learning environments and to the methods for improving the performances of the universities themselves.

The workshop will include parallel sessions organized in two main tracks:

· Online pedagogy and learning methodologies;

· Learning technologies, data analytics and educational big data mining as well as their applications.

The workshop covers, but is not limited to, the following topics:

- Pedagogical framework studies

- Learning models

- Learning outcomes

- On-line learning communities

- Blended Learning

- Online peer assessment

- Social learning

- Evaluation for online education

- Assessment Methods in online and Blended Learning Environments

- Assessment and Accreditation of Courses and Institutions

- Computer-Aided Assessment

- Community Building

- Context Dependent Learning

- Course Design and E-Learning Curricula

- Digital Libraries for E-Learning

- Distance and E-Learning in a Global Context

- E-Learning Platforms, Portals

- E-Testing and new Test Theories

- Distance Education

- Immersive Learning

- Learning Organization

- Mobile Learning (M-learning)

- Simulated Communities and Online Mentoring

- Supervising and Managing Student Projects

- Teacher Evaluation

- Security Aspects

- Standards and Interoperability

- Ontologies and Meta-Data Standards

- Theoretical Bases of E-Learning Environments

- Web-based Learning, Wikis and Blogs

- Educational Big Data Mining

- Learning Analytics

- Prediction of the students’ performance

- Design of proper retain strategies exploiting learning analytics and educational Big Data