"(...) Wisniowski treats his instrument with an utmost respect, flirting and even making love with it all along, always in perfect harmony and perfect balance between the emotional expressionism and the technical virtuosity.

about Parallax Error

"(...) a brilliant piece of recorded music, definitely one of the best so far this year on the Polish Jazz scene.

It is very satisfying to see that Wisniowski finally found his true realm on this album. After many years of searching, this album is simply a pinnacle of his achievements and a well deserved glorification of his talents, which will hopefully be followed by many more such fabulous musical vistas. Well done indeed!

Adam Baruch 2017

"(...)For a long time we haven't had such a talented flutist in Poland like Wiśniowski"

Audio 4/2010

"(...)Leszek Wiśniowski is, I think, the most interesting ( and still developing) flutist in Polish jazz. His "Kinetyka" is an astonishing musical concept which we will be returning to for years.

"(...)The excellent album, played without "American's production complex", virtually delighted me!

"(...)Uncompromised, very personal, excellently arranged standard themes and not least interested explosive improvisations. It thrills you, as first-class thrillers do, since the very first sounds of the album"

"(...)Perfect intonation, articulation and phrasing."

Jazz Forum 3/2010

"(...)Virtuosity, technical perfection as well as, dynamic and articulative richness these are the main features of Leszek HeFi Wiśniowski's workshop. I do recommend this album."

(Hi-Fi & music 3/2010)

“(…)Wisniowski can bend and manipulate his instrument to extreme lengths.”

CD Baby, Nov.02.2006