To continue the great work that our ancestors started and established Hebrewic history.

1. Declare the people that spoke with the Father to establish His covenant.

2. Identify Hebrews and others that are the called people today.

3. Have common ground with other nations, people and cultures.

4. Reveal truth of the establishments of our founding fore-fathers.

5. Research truth and secrets of the Divine Creator and why the call to the Hebrews.

6. Establish the connective link between each of us by spiritual and physical.

7. To gain all knowledge, wisdom, and understanding of spiritual discernment and leadership to assist the Hebrewan people to the promise giving to the Hebrews Abraham, Isaac and Jacob by the Father.


Methods: Unify our Business, Create Government, Intercede, Fast, Study, and Obedience the Fathers voice and direction.

Walk out of the Spirit within our anatomy to stay in communion, a direct relationship with The Creator of our existence. The Spirit is who He is inside us and that's why we are connected by Spirit here on Earth.

Walking out the spirit allows us to love our neighbor as yourself and to love the Father with all of your heart mind body soul and strength. This is the commandment that we are to follow to ensure that we have an inheritance in His space.

Walking in the spirit also allows us to have the love, the joy, the peace, the kindness, and the long suffering for our brethren and allows us to be in love with others to live in harmony, unity, and dignity together.


Where is the Spirit? The Holy Spirit is inside all of us. There is a human birth and a spirit birth. Our parents on earth give birth to us in the physical. Our Spirit Parents gives birth to the Spirit that dwells in us. The Spirit has a life span in the spiritual realm that is an active force of our Fathers character.


Who has the Spirit? Those that possession the Spirit walks in the character of its design. The fruits of the Spirit are displayed in those that are meek, kind, long-suffering, gentle and self controlled. Those that walk in the Spirit will enact powers and wonders that draw human existing closer to their Creator.


When was the Spirit created? The Spirit in the character of the Holy Father. The Spirit was in the beginning before physical creations.


Why are we here? To establish the rich culture and characteristics of The Spirit.


How sent the Spirit? The Father Creator and Wisdom sent the Holy Spirit to empower the human body for conducting a loving environment in harmony on earth. Also to conquer evil and establish culture


Spiritualistic is a method of walking in the Spirit continually.

We are 1 spirit, 1 blood, 1 DNA. All of us are one big family that was designed to work together in harmony here on Earth. When we call ourselves Christian are Catholics are baptists we find ourselves isolating from other individuals. The father has created us to connect with one another outside of our boundaries and to unify within Him. Due to these divisions we sometimes find ourselves representing a name of a building or a name of a street or a name of a business or organization and we lift that structure or religion higher then we would lift up the Father's Kingdom.