"Tolerence, Diversity and Pluralism". Diversity can thrive only in the presence of tolerance. And with tolerance, diversity is a natural outcome. When we accept cultures, traditions and religions different from ours, without any discrimination, we make space for sustenance of diversity, and this process of acceptance, makes us tolerant. Pluralism is a theory that centers on the idea of how power is distributed. The pluralist model indicates that power is distributed among many groups. These groups may include coalitions of like-minded people, unions, professional associations and business lobbyists.

Hebrewan people are spread all around the world as it is stated in the writing of old. Today, Hebrewa is a named state of people that have roots in the countries we dwell in but are aliens in the land. We are the chosen people from the beginning. Our identity was replaced so that we do not return to the ways of our ancestors.

The Hebrewans made up of varies dark, brown, tan, and white, the chosen people.

Many cultures have tried to misrepresent our nation and have done well about covering up our truths. Why? The Hebrewic people are the only people that don't have a history known to common man. This is changing due to new discovers and depictions, the Hebrewan people are being revealed today.

As the truth is revealed from above, the world is enlightened to the undeniable fact that the Hebrews are the Fathers chosen people and the time has come for this revelation to surface.

As you explore, you learn more about this based on one source, the scriptures. We have also cross reference other recordings such as the Deed Sea Scrolls, the Quran and other verified sources. Theses sources highlights the starting history of humanity that includes the Abrahamic era.