Club Bylaws

Heartland Novas Car Club By-Laws

Revised 3/19/16

The club was established in 1994 by Chevy II / Nova owners and enthusiasts to gather and promote their interest in Chevy II / Novas as a respectable hobby. The Heartland Novas has an open membership that covers a geographical area. This club will provide activities and events which give the opportunity to promote public awareness, stimulate pride in ownership and encourage the communication, education and camaraderie between fellow Chevy II / Nova enthusiasts.

Article I

The club shall be “NON-PROFIT” charitable organization, and shall be allowed a reasonable amount in its treasury for operating expenses and other club activities. This club reserves the right to have and acquire sponsors for support of all its events and activities. Committee and volunteer duties are on a VOLUNTARY basis and are not monetarily compensated for by the club. The by-laws will be periodically reviewed and updated by club officers and will be available to the entire club membership at any time.

Article II

Nonrefundable membership dues of $10 per calendar year are due the first meeting of the year and covers the member and their immediate ” family” living at the same address. Any member whose dues are one month in arrears will be automatically suspended on February 15 until dues are brought up-to-date. This suspension includes not receiving the newsletter or any other club benefits. Heartland Novas car club promote enjoyment and socialization associated with and is open to all. Chevy II / Nova enthusiasts regardless of race, color, sex, or religion.

Article III

Heartland Novas club members will conduct themselves in a reasonable and orderly manner at any meeting, activity or event representing the club. Members will comply with all motor vehicle laws and/or ordinances when participating in or attending any club event or activity. Any club member who regularly commits unsafe driving acts or whose personal conduct is otherwise detrimental to the purposes and reputation of the Club may be suspended or expelled from membership in the club. Members will be respectful of other club members’ vehicles at all times and will encourage any of their guests to also display the same respect.

Article IV

Meetings will be held bi-monthly or as voted by majority of the club members, with ‘committee’ meetings held as necessary. The club President should preside over all club meeting and all club officers are encouraged to maintain order at the meetings. At least 1 officer must attend the meeting for it to be official. An eligible member (18 & older) may make a motion and that must be seconded by another member before it can be presented for a vote. A majority vote of eligible members attending the meeting will be necessary for a motion to pass. In the event of a tie, the President has the responsibility to break the tie. Meetings should include: a) call to order, b) introduction of visitors, c) approval/correction of the minutes of the previous meeting, d) approval of treasurer report, e) reading of correspondence, f) membership report, g) Heartland Nova Reunion update, h) other club activity update, i) old business, j) new business, k) adjournment.

Article V

Elections will be held annually during the November meeting. The new officers will assume their role at the next January meeting, when the outgoing officers will turn over all club materials and/or tools to the respective new officer. Eligible officers must be vested in the club for at least 12 months with current membership. Officers may hold the same office with no term limit and offices can be combined as needed. No one office is more important than any other. Officer responsibilities are:

President – Oversee activities of the club, conduct club meeting and maintain order of meetings and events. They are the official spokesperson of the club, with the option of appointing a designee. They are the tie breaker in the event of a tie vote. Ensure any expenditure over $50 has been approved at a prior meeting. Ensure the club is operating in the most economical manner. Ensure the club insurance is in force and all club equipment/supplies are secure.

Vice-President – Assist President as needed, preside over meetings or events should the President be unavailable. Assist with preservation of the history of our club for future Chevy II / Nova enthusiasts.

Secretary – Take detailed notes of the meeting and generate a bi-monthly newsletter that would be sent to current membership either via USPS or e-mail. If the secretary is absent from a meeting, either the president shall appoint a temporary replacement if needed, but it is the responsibility of the secretary to arrange for the minutes from the previous meeting to be read, and minutes of the current meeting to be taken.

Treasurer – Maintain club finances, tally all money collected, make bank deposits and provide a financial report during the meetings of specific debits and credits to the club accounts. Ensure IRS requirements are filed each year.

Webmaster – Maintain a current and accurate web site. Notify club, for approval, of expenses needed to maintain the web site and its sponsors.

Membership Coordinator – Obtain completed membership application plus dues (which will be given to the Treasurer ASAP). Maintain current and accurate roster. Distribute

to paid member a copy of club roster, by-laws, pen, cling, business card, coozie, and a Heartland Nova Reunion registration form (if applicable) via the most economical avenue and report expense to the club at the next meeting.

Article VI

Heartland Novas car club will not be liable for any loss or damage due to fire, theft, weather, vandalism or accident at any function that the club attends or hosts.