Iowa Members

Albert, Jerry & Pamela

LaPorte City, IA

  • 1970 Yenko Nova 2 door sedan, yellow w/ black interior, 350CI, TH 400 transmission. Purchased in 1999.

Arbogast, Kevin

Donahue, IA

  • 1972 NovaSS black hardtop w/ red stripe, black interior, 383CI, automatic 350 Turbo. Purchased in 2013.

Bauler, Roy & Lori

Sumner, IA

  • 1962 Chevy II Nova, 2 door sedan, V-8
  • 1966 Chevy II Nova, 2 door sedan, blue exterior, blue interior, 194 CI, powerglide transmission

Cole, Ray & Caryl

Durant, IA

  • 1969 Nova SS Black Cherry sedan w/ black interior & bucket seats, 461CI, 450HP, 4 speed Muncie trans. Purchased 5/2012.

Craft, Jeff & Denise

Cedar Rapids, IA

  • 1963 Chevy II convertible, aqua interior & exterior, 230 CI, power glide transmission. Purchased in 2003.

Cronkleton, Joe

Donahue, IA

  • 1970 Orange 2 door sedan w/ black interior, V8, 350CI, automatic. Purchased in 2011.

Cronkleton, Jon & Sally

Long Grove, IA

  • 1970 Yenko, fatham Blue

Elliott, Denny & JoAnn

Birmingham, IA

  • 1970 Nova SS Black sedan w/ black interior, factory bucket seats, 406CI, 500+ HP, automatic. Features: Built like “Day 2” or Street Machine.

Engler, Dave & Marilyn

Davenport, IA

  • 1972 Rally Nova sedan, blue w/ white stripe & black interior, 350CI, 4 speed manual transmission. Purchased in 2010.

Engler, Gene & Lori

Donahue, IA

  • 1970 Yenko Deuce Nova 2 door sedan, red exterior, black interior, LT-1 350 CI, 4 speed. Purchased in 2002.

Franks, Michael & Donna

Cedar Rapids, IA

  • 1972 White Nova sedan w/ black bench seat, 350CI, 300hp, featuring vortec heads, headers, 12 bolt rear, air gap intake and a 4-speed super T10 manual transmission. Purchased in 2010.

Fuller, Joel & Dianne

Muscatine, IA

  • 1963 Nova SS hardtop, teal green w/ white top, black vinyl interior, 6 cyc, 194CI, 120HP, features floor console, bucket seats, and 2 speed powerglide. Purchased 07/2012.
  • 1966 Chevy II SS hardtop, Red exterior, black interior w/ bucket seats, 327CI, 350HP, 4 speed trans., features L-79 air cleaner. Purchased 06/2012. As of January 2018, this Nova is FOR SALE

Gedye, Steve

Davenport, IA

  • No Nova at this time

Gilmour, Dale & Linda

Davenport, IA

    • 1963 Chevy II SS 2 door hardtop, white exterior, red interior, 327 CI (300 HP), 200-4R automatic transmission. Purchased in 1995.
    • 1967 Nova 300 series ,Marina blue, 4 door, 6 cylinder, powerglide. Purchased in 2011.
    • 1967 Chevy II 100 2 door sedan, blue exterior, black interior, LS 6.0, 6 speed automatic, original 52,000 miles. Purchased in 2009.
    • 1963 Nova SS convertible, red w/tan top and interior, LT-1 350 w/ turbo 350 transmission. Purchased in 2015.

Grady, Jeff & Roxy

Cedar Rapids, IA

  • 1973 Nova 2 door sedan, Garnet Red exterior w/ black vinyl top, black & red interior; 350 CI, TH-350 transmission. Purchased in 1987.
  • 1974 Nova 2 door “Spirit”, white with red & blue stripe exterior, white & red interior; L-48 350 CI (180 HP), TH-350 turbo. Purchased in 2004.
  • 1978 Nova 2 door Concourse, yellow/black w/ black interior, 250CI, 6 cyc, 350 T, automatic. Purchased in 2011.

Haut, Dave & Tish

Davenport, IA

  • 1971 Nova Blue w/white stripe, black interior w/ buckets, 383 CI, 4 speed manual transmission. Purchased in 2012.

Hook, Roger & Cindy

Des Moines, IA

  • 1963 Chevy II Nova Red w/ red interior Convertible, 350CI, features power steering, power brakes & cruise, automatic. Purchased in 2002.

Humphreys, Mark & Arlone

Panora, IA

  • 1964 ½ Chevy II sedan, Dark Blue/Silver, black interior, 8way power buckets, 505CI, 350 Turbo automatic, features: Pro street, front half & a back half, 9” Ford & much more. A 1965 made to look as a 1964.

Iben, Craig & Lindy

Clinton, IA

  • 1973 Nova SS sedan, dark green w/ black stripe, black interior w/ bucket, engine code D, 350CI, ?? HP, Tremec 5 speed, black vinyl top-would be considered resto-mod. Purchased in ??

Jensen, John & Denise

Tipton, IA

  • 1970 Yenko Deuce Nova 2 door sedan, Fathom blue exterior, black interior, LT-1 350 CI, Th350 Transmission. Purchased in 2003.

Kaiser, Keith

Cedar Rapids, IA

  • 1966 Chevy II 2 door post sedan, Mist Blue, medium blue interior w/ bench seat, 6 cyl code/but that’s gone, 355CI sbc, 400 HP, TH350 automatic transmission. Purchased in 4/2017.

Karr, Kevin & Cris

Center Point, IA

  • 1971 Nova sedan, Green w/ green interior; 383CI w/ 525HP, automatic. Purchased in 2012.

Kenefick, Chris

Malvern, IA

  • 1973 Custom Hatchback Nova, yellow hardtop w/ white vinyl top, black interior w/ black/white cloth bench/folding rear 307CI, 2bbl carb, T350 automatic transmission. Original owner family survivor; 38,500+ original miles.

Kennedy, Alvy & Denise

Dubuque, IA

  • 1965 Chevy II 2 door hardtop, Prowler flame orange exterior, black interior, 383CI, 500HP, auto. Purchased in 1999.

Korsmo, Kevin & Amy

Atkins, IA

  • 1972 Rally Nova Hardtop, Blue w/white stripe, with black interior & bench seat, small block 355 CI, 375 HP & T400 auto. This is the first car he purchased and it was in 1978.

Lamb, Bob & Sherry

Newton, IA

  • 1966 Chevy II sedan, primer grey, black interior, bucket seats, 383CI, ??HP, Muncie 4 speed trans., not a lot of features yet, work in progress. Purchased 10/2015.
  • 1967 SS hardtop, Maroon w/ silver wedge stripe, black interior w/ racing buckets, 406 CI, 500+HP, automatic, former drag car back half with full roll cage-my barn find was sitting for approx. 10 years. Was some sort of mod. street stock at Eddyville. Working on it to try to make it street legal. Purchased in 11/2016.

Langguth, Craig & Emily

Marion, IA

  • 1975 Nova Red Hatchback w/ black vinyl top, black interior, 350, automatic. Purchased by 1975-95, 2012-

Lind, Jim & Connie

Agency, IA

  • 1963 Chevy II hardtop, white, automatic
  • 1972 Nova green sedan w/ black interior, automatic. Purchased in 1990.
  • 1963 Chevy II red wagon w/ red interior, automatic 4L80

Loutsch, Dave & Ilene

Vinton, IA

  • 1963 Chevy II convertible, super absolute Red exterior w/ black top, black interior; 355 CI (375 HP), automatic. Purchased in 03/2001.

Motley, Greg & Kathi

Davenport, IA

  • 1966 Chevy II SS hardtop, silver w/ black interior & bucket seats, Z1 engine code, 327CI, 350HP, Muncie 4 speed, restored stock

Panosh, Greg & Julie

Manchester, IA

  • 1962 Nova Convert, Grey w/ burgundy custom inter, bucket seats, 383CI, 300HP, 350 auto trans, air ride. Purchased in 2006.

Posekany, Denny

Cedar Rapids, IA

  • 1968 Nova 2 door sedan, Fred Gibb/Harrell car, dark blue exterior & interior. Purchased in 1975.

Prose, Paul & Julee

Ottumwa, IA

  • 1966 Chevy II SS 2 door hardtop, red ext, red int w/ bucket seat, V-8-327CI, 275HP, auto trans, has A/C & PS. Purchased in 1998.
  • 1966 Chevy II 2 door sedan, blue ext, blue int w/ bench seat,V-8 383CI, 300HP, manual trans. Features no cigarette lighter or radio from factory, also Tubbed out. Purchased in 2003 .

Richardson, Dan & Janet

McCallsburg, IA

  • 1966 Chevy II Nova SS hardtop, Marina blue, bright blue interior w/ buckets, Z-1 engine code, L-79 option, 327 CI, 350hp, 4-speed. Purchased 1976.
  • 1966 Chevy II Nova hardtop, Artesian Turquoise, turquoise interior, bench seat, 327CI, 350HP, Jerico 4 speed transmission. Purchased 2016.
  • 1966 Chevy II Nova SS hardtop, yellow with black interior, bucket seat, 383CI, 678HP, powerglide automatic, pro street project. Purchased in 1982.

Schafer, Sue (Honorary Member)

Toledo, IA

  • No Nova

Schoenthaler, Joe & Tracy

Dixon, IA

  • 1972 Rally Nova sedan blue w/ black, black/gray bench seat, 406CI, Turbo 350 automatic. Purchased in ????
  • 1968 Chevy II sedan race car, black w/ maroon, black race seat, 454CI & power glide automatic. Purchased in ????

Schoenthaler, Ken & Becky

Donahue, IA

  • 1970 Yenko Deuce Nova 2 door sedan, yellow exterior w/ black stripe, black bench interior; CTB engine code 350 CI (370 HP), manual 4-speed transmission. Purchased in 1971 (original owner).
  • 1970 Yenko Deuce Nova 2 door sedan, red exterior w/ white stripe, black bench interior, CTB engine code 350 CI (370 HP), manual 4-speed transmission. Purchased in 2001.

Smith, William & Connie

Tama, IA

  • 1967 Nova black sedan w/ black interior & bench seat, 153CI, 90HP, automatic transmission. Purchased in 2012.

Veatch, Kevin & Renee

Ottumwa, IA

  • 1967 Nova wagon, marina blue w/white top, black stock interior, 350CI, 325HP, Features LT1, automatic 4L60E. Purchased in 2005.
  • 1963 Nova hardtop, light green exterior, light green interior, 6 cyl, features: bone stock survivor. In the process of buying (can’t get until May 2015).

Wade, Shawn & Vicki J

Newton, IA

  • 1971 Nova Hardtop, Dark Grey w/ black/grey interior, race seats, LS1 engine code, 300HP, auto trans. Purchased in ??

Weiner, Gary & Sherry

Dubuque, IA

  • 1972 Nova SS, blue w/light blue stripes, black bench seat, 355 CI, 385HP w/447 TQ, 700R4 trans, 373 posi rear end. Purchased in 2010.

Wellik, Justin & Vickie

Cedar Rapids, IA

  • 1971 Nova SS sedan, Red exterior, black interior w/ bucket seats, V8, 383CI, 300+HP, Muncie 4 sp manual transmission

Wigal, James & Jennifer

Davenport, IA

  • 1975 Nova custom hardtop, Yellow w/ black interior, bench seat, 262CI, 110HP, 350 auto trans. Stock engine, dash, seats, paint…all stock except maintained items. Purchased in 09/2016.