Work Days

April 14 and April 21

Free Camping

Free Lunch

All are welcome and there is work for all skill levels.

Register for April 14 work day HERE. Register for April 21 work day HERE.

If you have any questions contact us HERE.

Some of the things that need done are:

General Repairs

  • Reset west dining hall door
  • Repair light over dining hall counter
  • Repair underground water line
  • Water hydrant repair
  • Conference building –heat
  • Conference building—transfer to new box
  • Repair RV sewer drop pad
  • Conference building—attic fans
  • Install kitchen gable vents
  • Kitchen AC receptacle
  • Replace bad glass in Dining Hall windows
  • Add switch for exhaust fans in Main Bath (both boys and girls)
  • Dining Hall
    • Support pole for walls
    • Water line – cut and repair
    • Enclose east and west foundation to floor
    • Support floor joist
    • Repair floor splits with wood
  • Cut dead trees
  • Install roof over boys dorm door, girls dorm doors, managers house south door
  • Repair Girls Dorm door sill (front and back)
  • Repair kitchen dishwasher – heat element
  • Tuck point stone around door and windows in kitchen

Capital Fund Grant Project

  • Playground equipment
  • Material - east side of tabernacle
  • Cabins Jeremiah, Simeon, Zacchaeus, Ottumwa Duplex (north side)
    • Level and install new support timber
    • New footing pads
    • New entry doors

Manager's House

  • Paint walls, ceilings and trim
  • New light fixtures
  • Kitchen
    • New cabinets, counter top, floor, sink
  • New vanity top in main bath
  • Paint north door frame
  • Refinish all oak floors down stairs
  • Repair basement wall with steel supports
  • Dig outside of walls and install water cover on outside of wall; tile to ditch