Women's Retreat

April 27-29, 2018

Heartland offers a place where women retreat — a place to connect with God and others in a serene setting perfect for relaxation, renewal and reflection. We are passionate about experiencing the fullness of life Jesus promised. At some point during your stay, I hope you’ll take a slow deep breath… exhale… and say, “This is just what I needed!”


Pauletta Rouse

Recently I was introduced by my Great Aunt Margie as a true Christian. I thought, What is a true Christian and what does she see in me to introduce me this way? Matthew 22:37-39. Jesus replied: Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your mind. This is the first and greatest commandment. And the second is like it: Love your neighbor as yourself. I do love the Lord with all my heart and as most of us can attest, I strive to love my neighbor. I'm not always successful and I often fail. But, the beauty of my Savior is His forgiveness, mercy and grace that He pours out on me and on you to bring us from Glory to Glory. My heart is to see women walk in their true identity. To know and experience God's passionate love, to walk in the confidence of His love and mercy!

  • Worship
  • Music
  • Spiritual Reflection
  • Activities / Games
  • Campfire
  • Two dorms: Night Owl and Early Bird
  • And More!


Diane Mellinger

Diane Mellinger is one of our missionaries to Bulgaria. She will share what God is doing in Bulgaria and other countries.

  • Wells family
  • Sweets family
  • New Start LLC
  • International Fellowship of St John Foundation
  • Anagenesis Foundation
  • Light & Life Church
  • And More!!!