Customs and Traditions

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We, the bearers of our traditions, exhibit prestige in spreading our customs & traditions through masses around the world. Our customs are the practices followed by our society in harmony & happiness. While the tradition is to hand over our honored customs to our progeny. Our culture & traditions have been enriched with time. To fill our time & leisure with meaning & contentment, customs were elaborated. To keep the society happy, united & satisfied, traditions were taken out. The practices which have been continuously followed by the ancestors showcasing their beliefs & ideology. Culture & customs includes unique Arts, Clothing, Food, Language & other recreations. Culture is a way of describing a person by specifications like his dressing style, way of speech & culinary habits.

- Sangam Pal,VV DAV Public School

-Devesh Ahuja,VV DAV Public School

-Udyaanshu Roy,VV DAV Public School

-Ananya Tyagi, VV DAV Public School

Customs and Traditions

Our culture & traditions has Religious Event , Arts, Clothing, Food, Language & other recreations.

- Miss Pitchapa Bovornsantisuth : Rajini School

-Miss Apichaya Jadjennavee : Rajini School