Project Team

GUFOVA Project Team:

Partner associations:

  • ZÖF, Association of Austrian Women’s Shelters, Austria

  • KJA, Children and Adolescent Advocacy Vienna, Austria

  • City of Vienna, Child and Family Support, Austria

  • City of Vienna, Child and Youth Support, Professional Development and Quality Assurance

  • Udružene žene , Foundation United Women Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina (Gorica Ivic)

  • LOKK, National Organisation of Women’s Shelters in Denmark

  • Holstebro Women’s Shelter, Denmark (Heidi Ebsen)

  • Danish Ministry for Children, Denmark

  • Angelou Centre, Newcastle upon Tyne, England

  • Panahghar, Coventry, England

  • Cheshire without Abuse, England

  • City of Lübeck, Department of Child and Family Support, Germany

  • Lübeck Women’s Shelter, Germany

  • City of Hannover, Department for Women and Equality, Germany

  • Hannover Women’s Shelter, Germany

  • KIS, Co-ordination and Intervention against domestic violence and stalking, Leipzig, Germany

  • City Leipzig, Office for Children, Families and Education, Germany

Additional Contributors

Angelika Eisterer is a social worker, psychologist and trauma therapist in Vienna. She has long experience in counselling and treating women and their children, who were victims of domestic violence. She participated in the project by offering some of the training sessions.

Monica Streicher-Pachmann

“Better to talk and do something, than continue to suffer”

Following this motto, I have been committed for more than twenty years to strengthening human dignity, respect for life and seeing people thrive. In the GUFOVA project, we could see how synergy grew from the combination of many perspectives.