Growing Up Free Of Violence and Abuse

Working to build resilience and strengthen children who have lived with domestic violence.

The EU-funded project Growing Up Free Of Violence and Abuse (GUFOVA) seeks to enhance work with children, who have directly or indirectly experienced violence in their homes. The project brought together children’s workers in organisations dedicated to eliminating domestic violence with experienced professionals in statutory child protection services from Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Demark, England and Germany. Together they discussed what children need and how a child’s right to a secure safe home environment and beneficial, nurturing contact to both parents can be ensured.

From this two-year collaboration, the GUFOVA training manual has been developed, which is available to download, free of charge, in Danish, English, German and Serbian from this site (see downloads). This manual includes country specific lobbying tools and policy recommendations for Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Denmark, England and Germany. An aid for organisations to convince funders that money spent on children is not only ethically correct but also a significant economically efficient choice has been developed and can also be downloaded free charge in all four languages from this site.