The GUFOVA Project is financed by the European Union under the Rights, Equality and Citizenship Programme (REC-AG-2017 Project Number 810338). The Project was originally financed from 01.02.2019 to 31.01.2021 and managed by the Institute for Advanced Studies (IHS), Vienna by Karin Schoenpflug (https://www.ihs.ac.at). The University of Warwick are project partners, represented by Ravi Thiara and Chris Harrison. Patricia Bell wrote the project application and was sub-contracted to run three international meetings; develop training modules; co-ordinate multi-agency trainings in Austria, England and Germany and write the training manual. Representatives from sixteen non-governmental and statutory agencies from Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Denmark, England and Germany shared their experience and skills at international meetings held in Vienna, Austria, Warwick, England and Leipzig, Germany. The closing event, originally planned for January 2021 in Leipzig, has had to be postponed due to the corona pandemic.

All representatives of participating projects and project partners contributed to the training modules and manual. In particular, participating projects took responsibility for the country specific information and policy recommendations. In addition to this work on qualitatively improving practical work with children, the IHS developed a costing tool to help organisations convince funders that money spent on work with children is not only an ethically correct but also a significant economically efficient choice.