Research Papers

This is the collection of papers whose genesis was at a GRWC workshop. If you know of a paper that should be added to the list, please send the details to

2017 GRWC held in Denver, CO

  • Minki Kim, Bernard Lidický, Tomáš Masařík, Florian Pfender, Notes on complexity of packing coloring, Information Processing Letters 137 (2018), 6-10. arxiv:1712.08373
  • Jane Breen, Boris Brimkov, Joshua Carlson, Leslie Hogben, K.E. Perry and Carolyn Reinhart, Throttling for the game of Cops and Robbers on graphs, Discrete Math. 341 (2018), 2418-2430. arxiv:1712.07728
  • Jinha Kim, Ryan R. Martin, Tomáš Masařík, Warren Shull, Heather C. Smith, Andrew Uzzell, Zhiyu Wang, On difference graphs and the local dimension of posets, submitted. arxiv:1803.08641
  • Michael Ferrara, Daniel Johnston, Sarah Loeb, Florian Pfender, Alex Schulte, Heather Smith, Eric Sullivan, Michael Tait and Casey Tompkins, On Edge-colored Saturation Problems, submitted. arxiv:1712.00163
  • Kirk Boyer, Boris Brimkov, Sean English, Daniela Ferrero, Ariel Keller, Rachel Kirsch, Michael Phillips and Carolyn Reinhart, The zero forcing polynomial of a graph. arxiv:1801.08910.

2016 GRWC held in Laramie, WY

  • Alex Cameron and Emily Heath, A (5,5)-coloring of K_n with few colors, to appear in Combin. Probab. Comput. arxiv:1702.06227
  • Bennet Goeckner, Corbin Groothuis, Cyrus Hettle, Brian Kell, Pamela Kirkpatrick, Rachel Kirsch and Ryan Solava, Universal Partial Words over Non-Binary Alphabets, Theoretical Computer Science 713 (2018), 55-65. arxiv:1611.03928
  • Aida Abiad, Boris Brimkov, Aysel Erey, Lorinda Leshock, Xavier Martínez-Rivera, Suil O, Sung-Yell Song and Jason Williford, On the Wiener index, distance cospectrality and transmission regular graphs, Discrete Applied Math 230 (2017), 1-10. arxiv:1609.06911
  • Boris Brimkov, Jennifer Edmond, Robert Lazar, Bernard Lidický, Kacy Messerschmidt and Shanise Walker, Injective choosability of subcubic planar graphs with girth 6, Discrete Math 340 (2017), 2538-2549. arxiv:1611.03454
  • Aida Abiad, Boris Brimkov, Xavier Martinez-Rivera, O Suil and Jingmei Zhang, Spectral Bounds for the Connectivity of Regular Graphs with Given Order, to appear in Elec. J. Linear Algebra.
  • Michael Dairyko, Michael Ferrara, Bernard Lidický, Ryan R. Martin, Florian Pfender and Andrew J. Uzzel, Ore and Chvatal-type Degree Conditions for Bootstrap Percolation from Small Sets, submitted. arxiv:1610.04499
  • Aysel Erey, Zachary Gershkoff, Amanda Lohss and Ranjan Rohatgi, Characterization and Enumeration of 3-regular Permutation Graphs, submitted. arxiv:1709.06979
  • Ryan R. Martin, Abhishek Methuku, Andrew Uzzell, Shanise Walker, A Simple Discharging Method for Forbidden Subposet Problems, submitted. arXiv:1710.05057
  • Sean English, Nathan Graber, Pamela Kirkpatrick, Abhishek Methuku and Eric Sullivan, Saturation for Berge Hypergraphs, submitted. arXiv:1710.03735
  • Kirk Boyer, Lauren M. Nelsen, Luke L. Nelsen, Florian Pfender, Elizabeth Reiland and Ryan Solava, Erdos-Szekeres On-Line, submitted. arXiv:1804.05952

2015 GRWC held in Ames, IA

  • Axel Brandt, Michael Ferrara, Mohit Kumbhat, Sarah Loeb, Derrick Stolee and Matthew Yancey, I,F-Partitions of sparse graphs, European J. Comb. 57 (2016), 1-12. arxiv:1510.03381
  • Ghodratollah Aalipour, Aida Abiad, Zhanar Berikkyzy, Jay Cummings, Jessica DeSilva, Wei Gao, Kristin Heysse, Leslie Hogben, Franklin Kenter, Jephian C.-H. Lin and Michael Tait, On the Distance Spectra of Graphs, Linear Algebra Appl. 497 (2016) 66-87. arxiv:1509.01196
  • Zhanar Berikkyzy, Steve Butler, Jay Cummings, Kristin Heysse, Paul Horn, Ruth Luo and Brent Moran, A forest building process on simple graphs, Discrete Math. 341 (2018), 497-507. arxiv:1608.00335
  • Ghodratollah Aalipour, Aida Abiad, Zhanar Berikkyzy, Leslie Hogben, Franklin Kenter, Jephian C.-H. Lin and Michael Tait, Proof of a conjecture of Graham and Lovász concerning unimodality of coefficients of the distance characteristic polynomial of a tree, to appear in Elec. J. Linear Algebra. arxiv:1507.02341
  • Anton Bernshteyn, Omid Khormali, Ryan R. Martin, Jonathan Rollin, Danny Rorabaugh, Songling Shan and Andrew J. Uzzell, Regular colorings and factors of regular graphs, submitted. arxiv:1603.09384
  • Jessalyn Bolkema and Corbin Groothuis, Hunting Rabbits on the Hypercube, submitted. arxiv:1701.08726
  • Beth Bjorkman, Garner Cochran, Wei Gao, Lauren Keough, Rachel Kirsch, Mitch Phillipson, Danny Rorabaugh, Heather Smith and Jennifer Wise, k-Foldability of Words, submitted. arXiv:1710.10616

2014 GRWC held in Denver, CO