Problem Garden

The problems submitted by GRWC participants in their applications are used to start research collaborations at the workshop. After the collaborations have had time to start and build initial results, all problem statements of the participants are made public in this Problem Garden.


  • A problem with a * at the end corresponds to a paper generated by GRWC group, as listed on our Research Papers page.
  • A problem with a ** at the end corresponds to a paper from a GRWC group that is being actively worked. Please contact before starting work on these problems.

Heather Smith - Local Dimension for Posets *

Sarah Loeb - Independent Sets in Planar Graphs

Eric Bucher - Permutations of Chip Firings**

Derek Young - Spectral Radius and Distance Spectra

Tomas Masarik - Complexity of Packing Colorings*

Kirk Boyer - Uniform and Preferential Attachment Graphs

Ariel Keller - Degree Sum Conditions to Imply Cycles

Westin King - Parking Functions

Sean English - Sylvester Colorings of Cubic Multigraphs

Michael Tait - Spectral Radius Ramsey Numbers

Jinha Kim - Word Representability of Graphs

Jane Breen - Random Walks and the Normalized Laplacian

Eric Sullivan - Saturation Numbers of Edge-colored Graphs*

Katherine Perry - Rainbow Spanning Trees

Shuliang Bai - Routing on Graphs

Alex Neal Riasanovsky - Cycles of Length Power of 2 in Cubic Graphs

Andrew Uzzell - Positional Games on Posets

Hanlin Zou - Covers of Generalized Quadrangles

Boris Brimkov - Counting the Number of Distinct Zero Forcing Sets*

Juergen Kritschgau - Rainbow Numbers with Respect to Matchings

Ken Duna - Arithmetical Structures on Graphs

Casey Tompkins - Problem on Posets

Zhiyu Wang - Erdos-Szekeres for Cyclic Permutations

Josh Carlson - Throttling for Pursuit-evasion Games on Graphs*

Charles Burnette - Superpositions of Permutations

Da Qi Chen - On Asymmetric Euclidean Ramsey Theory

Joseph Doolittle - Sides of Polytopes

Nathan Graber - Game Saturation Number

Guangming Jing - Sign Patterns with Larger Rational Minimum Rank

Dan Johnston - Bounds on k-Ramsey Numbers

Rachel Kirsch - Universal Partial Words

JD Nir - Lattice Ramsey Numbers

Michael Phillips - Tree and Wheel Ramsey Numbers

Adam Purcilly - Euclidean Ramsey Theory

Carolyn Reinhart - Zero Forcing

Alex Schulte - Anti-van der Waerden

Warren Shull - Hypergraph Coloring Problem Enzo Wendler - Generalization of Skew Adjacency Matrices

Xiaowei Yu - Neighbor-sum Distinguishing Colorings