The OASYS Research Group started in January 2018 at the University of Málaga. OASYS addresses one of the major and most important challenges of our modern society: the development of mathematical methods and solutions to achieve more efficient, secure and sustainable energy systems. OASYS' main lines of research are:

Current Open Positions

Six Postdoc Positions at iMAT Research Unit within Qualifica Excellence Programme 

Deadline Extended Until March 21st!!!!!!!!

The iMAT research unit is looking for highly talented applicants for six post-doctoral positions within the Andalusian Region Qualifica Excellence Programme - More information here  or see Open Positions

Applications: Wednesday, 8th of March 2023 - 00:00 - Tuesday 21st of March 2023 - 00:00

Topic 1: Mathware for the operation and planning of intelligent and sustainable energy systems (Juan Miguel Morales González, Emilio Carrizosa

Topic 2: Complex and harmonic analysis, operator theory, and special functions (Manuel Contreras, Antonio Durán, José Ángel Peláez) 

Topic 3: Control, controllability and inverse problems for PDEs applications (Enrique Fernández Cara, Manuel González Burgos)

Topic 4: Post-quantum cryptanalysis: group theory, complexity and machine learning (Maria Cumplido, Juan González-Meneses, Antonio Viruel)

Topic 5: Sustainable logistics and transportation: optimization algoritms (Justo Puerto Albandoz, Antonio Manuel Rodríguez-Chía)

Topic 6: Reduced order modeling techniques for advection dominated geophysical flows (Manuel Castro Díaz, E. D. Fernández Nieto, Samuele Rubino)

Topic 7: Mathematics applications for biological systems (Soledad Fernández García, Francisco Guillén, José Antonio Langa, María Teresa Pérez) 

Postdoc position - “Data-driven Optimization/Machine Learning in Energy”

The group OASYS (“Optimization and Analytics for Sustainable EnergY Systems”) is looking for highly-talented applicants for post-doctoral positions with a focus on Data-driven Optimization/Machine Learning in Energy. The postdoctoral fellows are thus expected to contribute to the main research topics addressed by the group.

The initial term of the position is for 1 year, with the possibility of extension, based on mutual interest and convenience. The postdoctoral fellow will become a key member of OASYS, by developing excellent research, supervising PhD. and MSc. students, and helping attract new talents and funds. 

Those interested in knowing more are invited to contact the group through the group's email  or follow the instructions for the application process found in the Open Positions section under Contact.

Paid research training jobs.

Oasys is currently looking for suitable candidates for paid research training jobs in different projects being undertaken by the group. Ideal positions for combining with a master’s degree, developing a master’s dissertation (if one wishes) and with the possibility (to be assessed) to go on to a PhD. In fact, it is intended that these positions serve to prepare and train successful candidates to the highest level, in leading-edge research.

Those interested in knowing more are invited to contact Salvador Pineda and Juan Miguel Morales González through the group’s email -