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"May your feet be fast and your flight be furious!" - Adrienne Elliott (Class of 2013)

Welcome to the Grossmont High School Cross Country and Distance Track website. You will find our Athlete of The Week, Current Training Schedule, Training Tools, and our Message Board on this page. You must be a member of our Google group in order to post messages. If you are unable to view or join the group message board, please contact Coach Bartell by email at grossmont.xc@gmail.com

Summer Training Minutes Update

Here are total logged summer training minutes as of 6/24/19 at 10:00am (Athletes with at least 100 minutes). Reminder that you need to have logged at least 2000 minutes by August 8th in order to qualify for camp. There are 6 weeks to go! Make sure you are including warm-up and cool-down minutes, and do not skip prescribed portions of each workout. Every part of the workout is important in your overall progression and development.

Abby McCoy=170

Autumn Black=401

Coach Bartell=416

Emily Rivas=885

Emma McCoy=210

Judy Mohamad=584

Larissa Neil=130

Madeline Minutelli=1268

Mallory Smith=515

Maya Mosso=1165

Olivia Wangler=849

Rebecca Garcia=376

Savanna Reynolds=345

Shelvy Millado=591

Taylor Vassar=1190

2019 Fundraising

We will be having several fundraisers this summer, and during the season, in order to pay for all the great things that are planned for the 2019 season! Our first fundraiser will be on Friday, June 7th at Rubio's in Grossmont Center from 4-8pm. All you need to do is bring an electronic or printed copy of the flyer posted below when you place your order. Our next fundraiser will be at Panera in Grossmont Center on Thurs. June 27th from 4-8pm. Please spread the word on social media and amongst friends and family!


2018 Cross country Photo Montage

Here is our photo montage from last season just to get you excited and motivated for the 2019 season.

2019 Cross Country Photo Montage.mp4

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Athletes of the Week

Madeline Minutelli

Sophomore, Madeline Minutelli, in just her second season, has established herself as one of the All-Time greats to ever wear a Grossmont Track uniform. She is currently #2 in school history for the 3200m with a time of 11:18, which is only behind NCAA All-American and former Team USA member Darcy Arreola who ran for Grossmont in the late 1980's. Madeline was League Champion in the 1600 and Conference Champion in the 3200 this past Wed., and has been one of the top distance runners in the county all season.

Daniel Provence

Junior, Daniel Provence, ran one of the biggest PR's of the season at league finals on Wed. His time of 2:00.80 placed him 3rd in the league and 4th in the conference, and took four seconds off his previous PR! Daniel's performance also gave him a great chance of qualifying for CIF prelims next week! Daniel's work ethic and determination is a great example of what it means to be a real competitor and a part of the Grossmont Distance Team.

2019 Tentative Cross Country Schedule


2019 Summer Training Log

Here is the summer training log for 2019! Make sure you fill this out every day that you run. Follow the training schedule that is posted below this training log as closely as possible. If you go on vacation, make sure you continue to run so you don't lose any gains you have made up to that point. If you want the opportunity to attend our Mountain Running Camp in August, you need to have run and logged at least 2000 minutes prior to camp. If you forget to log a run, you can always go back and log it in. Just make sure you put the correct date of the run.

2019 Training Log Responses

Here is the spreadsheet that collects all the training log entries. You should be able to filter out just your name if you click on the icon in the top right corner to open up the document, and then at the top of the name column, click on the little green filter icon to select which name/names you would like to view.

CC19 Grossmont Cross-Country Running Log (Responses)

Current Training Schedule

If you are starting your training at a later date than May 20th, make sure you still follow the first two weeks of the training schedule (May 20th-June 2nd) before you jump to the workout for the current date. The first two weeks are just base training without any speed work, which will allow your body to adapt before adding critical velocity, tempo, threshold, hills, etc.

Training Tools

Energy System Continuum

Energy Continuum 2017.docx

Training Effect Graph

Training Pace Chart


Tinman Training Pace Calculator

Pace Charts for Critical Velocity Workouts in the Lower Bowl

Instructions: Using the chart below on the left, find the approximate mile pace that you think or know you could currently run for a 3200m(2 mile race) under the "Time or Pace" column. Once you have identified that pace, look under the "92" column to find the corresponding time. That is your CV mile pace. Once you have that time, go to the chart on the right and match your CV mile pace with the closest time under the "Pace" column. Now look at the corresponding target split time under the "535m" column(if your doing one loop repetitions) or under the 1070m column(if you are doing two loop repetitions). You should be running within 5 seconds of that target split for each of your CV repetitions. If you don't understand anything I just wrote, ask Madeline.

CV Workout Pacing Chart.pdf

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