Shu-Ping Gong (龔書萍)

Associate Professor (副教授)

Department of Foreign Languages, National Chiayi University (國立嘉義大學外語系)

I am an Associate Professor in the Department of Foreign Languages of National Chiayi University, Taiwan. My main research interests are Cognitive Linguistics, Psycholinguistics, Corpus and Linguistics, and Autism and Language. The main subjects taught are the courses related to Linguistics, English composition and Research Method


My current research studies include fictive motion sentence processing and the language characteristics of patients with autism. Fictive motion sentences are one of figurative language using motion verbs to describe statistic scenery or condition. I would like to figure out in what constraints people use fictive motion expressions and what factors influence people understand fictive motion.

Second, I have started to look at language features of children with autism, including their word order, semantics and pragmatics. In addition, I am particularly interested in understanding how they deal with non-literal language. I want to know which types of non-literal language are more difficult to understand, such as irony, metaphor, fictive motion sentences, etc.


If you are interested in my research and want to explore the related issues in cognitive linguistics, please join my lab "Language and Cognition" and talk to me.

若你對於我的研究有興趣,有事想從事有關認知語言學相關研究,歡迎加入我的實驗室 "語言與認知實驗室"。

Education (學歷)

Ph.D. in Linguistics (2002-2009)

Graduate Institute of Linguistics, National Taiwan University



Research Interests (研究興趣)

Cognitive Linguistics (認知語言學), Psycholinguistics (心理語言學), Corpus Linguistics (語料庫語言學),

Metaphor in Discourse (語境中的隱喻)

經歷 (Experience)

  1. 副教授 (Associate Professor) Aug. 2016- Present
  2. 助理教授 (Assistant Professor) Feb. 2009-July 2016)

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If you want to join my lab, please take a look what I am doing. (若你有興趣參加我的實驗室,請看一下我目前正在進行的研究)

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