Tips & Thank Yous

Goliath Flores

We're all pandering for money these days. I'm no different. If you've enjoyed any of my work and you have the means to send me a down-payment on a Subaru (because Subaru's are designatedly what liberal artists are to drive), please do so. Contributions of an size are greatly appreciated. $1, $2, or even 25 cents! Just think about it. If every one of you even tipped me a penny I'd end up with like 1,000,000 pennies, that's $10,000 and just enough to pay for my elderly neighbors medication for three months! Not that I would do that, he has good insurance and a pension.




I would live to give special thanks to the following:

Gabie Ruiz

James Jenkins

Jim Post

Kali Tukur (AKA Slowpoke)

Kelly Key Duval

Marvin Morris

Melissa Ross

Michael Lugo

Payton Rogers

Sam Rodriguez

Sean Borca

Will Ludwigsen