Prices depend on the work requested, i.e. for performances: how much time it would take, distance, etc. For composition or studio work: how much time it would take and how involved of a project it is.


Music Composition: Includes original work for video, audio commercials, or live events.

Music Licensing: I'm continuously updating my catalog of music. You can hear some of it here.

Musical Collaboration: Includes co-arranging existing music or co-writing music for audio production or sheet music in standard notation.

Weddings: Includes live performance of prelude, processional, mid-ceremony, recessional, post-ceremony and reception music.

Mariachi: Includes live performance of Mariachi music by my elegantly dressed Mariachi trio (Vihuela, Guitarron, and Violin) - Please send song requests two weeks in advance. - For more info about my Mariachi click here.

Special Events: Includes live music for the duration of any event, as a soloist, duo, or trio. Styles include Flamenco, Classical Guitar (solo only), Latin, Contemporary, or a mix of all.