Goliath Flores


Singer/Songwriter / Recording Artist / Film Composer

Classical • Flamenco • Latin • Eclectic • Mariachi

Hi Everybody! I play music. I like music. I often love music. I play so many styles! Can I have a cookie now?

Seriously though, I hope you enjoy my website it's chock full of information in a "show, don't tell" fashion. I never know what to say with things like this. Like, nobody gives a shit about how deep I get into music, or how much it means to me, do they? I know I don't. What you want, what we all want is information that is useful. Therefore I will tell you how you can contact and hire me. I can be contacted at goliath11@gmail.com (that's my email).

A lot of people have told me that I need to make a fake email, or hire someone to do my booking just so it looks more professional. But, aren't we all tired of these games? There's one thing I can guarantee you, is that you won't be disappointed if you see me play live. If you don't love it you'll at least like it, and if you're a real hard-ass then you'll at least think it was OK.

I currently have a few irons in the fire regarding recording projects. A mariachi album and a few singles in other styles. Some of my fans have been waiting for some official release music from me for a decade! Between the time of my last release I worked on a couple of film soundtracks, had a couple of kids. And, I did some production, arranging, and writing for other people's albums, and have continually practiced Flamenco guitar (also classical but not as much, yet still at a high level).

I'll periodically update this section. In the meantime feel free to poke around my site. Like anyone I'm a multifaceted person and I'm trying to make this website reflect that.

I started building this new site just days ago (I'm writing this on 2/15/2018) after a mishap on google's part with my old one, my old one is completely gone.

Not only am I a musician, but I'm a visual artist too, a writer, a podcaster, a tinkerer of all sorts, and a father and husband. I'm also a notary public and can marry you, and I do people's taxes on the side. Just kidding about the notary public and taxes thing. I'm part comedian too apparently. Man, I'm just improvising this life thing, and I gotta tell you, it's going pretty great! I'm grateful every day, and I keep my fingers crossed.