Goliath Flores

A musician, an artist, a socially conscious and inventive entrepreneur— An interesting story awaits you.

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Singer/Songwriter / Recording Artist / Film Composer

Classical • Flamenco • Latin • Eclectic • Mariachi

I've been studying different types of music and instruments since childhood. I'm a one stop shop for music. I make music in just about every style that you can think of. You can hear some of it here.

Regarding my latest releases. I've turned a new leaf. I've been writing and recording music without censoring my ideas. This makes for both some great and some ridiculous stuff. It's quite liberating to turn an idea from an emotion that you genuinely have into something real without questioning how it will be received. And it requires some degree of courage. I also enjoy satire, but I also like for my satire to be anchored to a deeper meaning (some deeper than others).

I view art as the interpretation of experience. I don't judge my creations, I simply trust the feeling of being compelled to make something.

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  1. Linkmerch.us is going strong despite the pandemic. As is AmazingShirts.net.

  2. I'm geared towards moving into an RV/Trailer. The motivations are both carrot and stick, but mostly carrot.

  3. I hate running 90% of the time. But I still do it.

  4. I have several new songs finished some of which are a part of an EP called Songs for Single Parents. I can't wait to share them with the world through Linkmerch.