Goliath Flores


Singer/Songwriter / Recording Artist / Film Composer

Classical • Flamenco • Latin • Eclectic • Mariachi

A Song Inspired by First World Food Choices.

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I've been studying different types of music and instruments since childhood. I'm a one stop shop for music. I make music in just about every style that you can think of. You can hear some of it here.

Regarding my latest releases. I've turned a new leaf. I'm saying things in songs without censoring myself, without policing my thoughts, and just saying something because that's what I really fell like saying. I enjoy satire, but I also like for my satire to have a deeper meaning, some deeper than others. I view art is the interpretation of experience. I don't judge my creations. I simply trust the feeling of being compelled to make something.

Contact: goliath11@gmail.com


  1. Both my daughters start school soon.
  2. I started a company that I'll shortly start talking incessantly about. It's not really music related.
  3. I recently released a mariachi album, and I have a few singles in various styles in the works.
  4. I started licensing my music so I can make tons of money and take my kids to Mexico, and the mountains, and Texas, and New York, and Disney World etc. etc.
  5. I hope to finish my nonfiction book Living Between Screens before the January 1st. I'm currently rewriting it.

I periodically update this front page. In the meantime feel free to poke around my site. Like anyone, I suppose, I'm a multifaceted person. Not only am I a musician, but I'm a visual artist too, a writer, a podcaster, a tinkerer of all sorts, and a father. I'm also a notary public and can marry you, and I do people's taxes on the side. Just kidding about the notary public and taxes thing. I'm part comedian too apparently. Man, I'm just improvising this life thing, and I gotta tell you, it's going pretty good! I'm grateful every day and keep my fingers crossed because you never know when the big bad world is gonna show you its teeth!