Goliath Flores


Singer/Songwriter / Recording Artist / Film Composer

Classical • Flamenco • Latin • Eclectic • Mariachi

A musical lament on solitary nights spent in Los Angeles, California.

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Hi Everybody! I play music. I like music. I often love music. I play so many styles! Can I have a cookie now?

Seriously though, I hope you enjoy my website it's chock full of information about yours truly. I never know what to say with things like this. Like, nobody cares about how deep I get into music, or how much it means to me, do they? I know I don't. What you want, what we all want is information that is useful. Therefore, I will tell you how you can contact and hire me. I can be contacted at goliath11@gmail.com feel free to write me and I'll give you a quote.

People have told me that I need to make a fake email or hire someone to do my booking just so it looks more professional. But, aren't we all tired of these games? There's one thing I can guarantee you, is that you won't be disappointed if you see me play live. If you don't love it you'll at least like it, and if you're a real hard-ass then you'll at least think it was OK.

I currently have a few irons in the fire regarding recording projects. A mariachi album and a few singles in other styles. (Mariachi album will be available as mp3 next week for now only the limited edition signed copy of the CD is available.)

I'll periodically update this section. In the meantime feel free to poke around my site. Like anyone, I suppose, I'm a multifaceted person. Not only am I a musician, but I'm a visual artist too, a writer, a podcaster, a tinkerer of all sorts, and a father. I'm also a notary public and can marry you, and I do people's taxes on the side. Just kidding about the notary public and taxes thing. I'm part comedian too apparently. Man, I'm just improvising this life thing, and I gotta tell you, it's going pretty great! I'm grateful every day and keep my fingers crossed because you never know when the big bad world is gonna show you its teeth!