Oil Paintings

2008 - 2012

The New World Order

When the light of reason defeats the night of mysticism and superstition, man will be remade anew. Glory shall replace greed; contributions to humanity will be the sole reason why heroes shall prevail the darkness under the veil of ignorance.

Haserot (Angel of Death Victorious)

Art depicted from the statue by Teresa Dolezal Feldevert

Art depicting Kevin Carter's Photograph


The first known civilization, according many scholars, is that of the Sumerians. Accomplishments range from astronomy to civil law; writing to mathematics; weaponry to pottery design. They were truly innovative.

No One Knows What It's Like

Freedom to one may lead to consequences to another.

Nikki Nova

Art of a muse I found online.


Before she leaves her world or ease, Eve takes a last look at the land she no longer needs and gets ready for a world where she can become a woman and grow into an adult of her own volition.

Utsuro Bune

The story of a young woman who came upon the Japanese shoreline on a circular craft with strange symbols on it. She was holding a box and wouldn't let go of it. The Woman spoke a language unknown to the locals and is still a mystery as to why she came from the depths of the ocean. Did her craft simply stop working? Was it a crash landing? We will simply never know?

Conspiracy Piece: Andromedans (2009-10)

As loony as Alex Collier sounds, lets take away the positives:

  • Aliens wont save us, we must save ourselves
  • we are all gods/ devine bloodlines
  • we are equal, not inferior to aliens
  • use intuition
  • Use different types of energy cyclically
  • Alex was no guru but an equal human who walked the path with his brothers and sisters

...Had he minus the reptilians, Mr. Collier could have been on to something had he abandoned the conspiracy route.


A crop circle created in the United Kingdom showed what seemed to be a circular device that transmitted like binary code. This should not be surprising since mathematics is the universal language of the universe.

Feathered Serpent

A play of the depiction of Quetzalcoatl.

South S. F.

View from Sign Hill depicted in oil.

Potency Awaits

Before we leave, what beauty can we create?

Un Buena Vista

Yard greens drawn as pastels.

San Bruno Train Tracks

Tinguindin Michoacan, Mexico

La Plaza