We must embrace the Divine spark in us all, not just a hand full. We didn't evolve all this way to just be "nice" but to maximize our potential. Respect and kindness, rationally, comes with this. The golden rule would rule.

Rational science must rule, not solely by observation. If you want a show for the eyes then go to a magic show to observe.

See beyond race, nationality, possessions, gender and pierce through the mind of another. That is one step to understanding and helping the community of the world we live in.

Change is permanent. A new world is in order so that the playing field is leveled where what you know takes you further than who you know, where guilt isn't branded on souls when entering this world, and where everyone is held accountable for their actions.

In a hundred years, this unorthodox work, it is hoped, would be rendered irrelevant for the world will have changed for the better. The intelligent would rule and privileged hoarders shall cease to rule.

"Heredox" is a derivative of heterodox; the minority opinion. Heretic translates from the Greek word "hairetikos" which means "able to choose." In this life, choose wisely.