About the Artist


Although many ideas which formed my art were not originally of my own thoughts, the words were communicated and the trick is to depict these ideas in a new form from a different angle. Sales are optional as a course of action if one would like to purchase and not steal my work; that would not be meritorious.

My Ego

I'm an artist who wasn't privileged going to an art school and having the best programs to learn the basics of drawing digitally. What I had was paper and pencil; toys came after. My paper cut outs satisfied my happiness as a young child and if it wasn't for my friends and family encouraging me, I don't know if I'd still be drawing now as a mature adult. No matter what medium came my way I'd find a way to draw to the best of my ability albeit professional pencils to pastels, charcoal to oil paintings; my desire was to copy reality and ideas not yet formed into fruition. In our digital age, like in previous generations, artists have adapted to the times as has I. Smartphones hit the scene with applications that allowed one to draw with their finger(stylus if you could afford one) and it is there where I saw potential. Wacom tablets were not an affordable option and so settled for what I had. Then came the tablet market with these pens that came with the tablets and it is here where I've settled and refined my skill. Recently I've concentrated on drawing on my phone, the Galaxy Note 5, when I would show up to work early. I could not think properly before entering my night shift so decided, for the 6 month bid, that I would put less thought into my drawing and concentrate on mastering a photorealistic style of drawing models. Of course, I sent these models their portraits and they appreciated them very much. I will not sale those works because also they carry my show in skill, I do not nor do I desire to make profit from photographers who took the original images. My oils and philosophical pieces are not my ideas, but from those who've influenced me. I would like to take credit in my skill so am selling my works to whomever wants to purchase, but would like to make it clear that I only know what I know and know no further but will always continue to learn through reason. After all, knowledge is power.

My Higher Self

I'm an artist (and student of a priori knowledge/deductive reasoning) whose life changed when I received an exposed dosage of the truest knowledge available to mankind: Ontological Mathematics. With this knowledge, written by superhuman masterminds, I try to depict that which I've attempted to comprehend. What's depicted is an attempt to show how our realm is made of the purest mathematical form that's derived from the most beautiful equation discovered by man; Euler's Formula e + 1 = 0. This equation shows just how something can equal nothing; the basis of our existence by its very definition can't not exist. Rather, existence is becoming at all times just as we are growing and dying the the same time on the razor's edge of the "now" in time. We aren't in the past nor in the future but on the rolling ball of the now. We exist in a hologram in which matter does not exist; there is only light and slow light that we call matter. As light (or heat rather) slows, it bulks and bulks until it becomes cold and slow like a frozen rock of "lifeless matter." For where there is heat (energy/light), no matter what the temperature, there's potential conditions for optimal life. After all, heat and cold are made of the same substance on varying sides of the same thermal system. I learned about our ontology from an objective perspective of the universe; the Singularity system of ontological mathematics which includes all numbers and not just positive/approximate numbers of scientific observation. This I can say is the form of what my art is depicting, the content driven aspect shows what humanity should look like if we all do our part; a meritocratic society of talented individuals fighting for opportunities stolen by the privileged class of the undeserving parasites. These parasites leech of the successes of their parents and provide no work of their own, and the provides accomplishments that do occur don't happen without financial help from family or friends. Like a mafia, the nuclear family only look after their own and provide very little to the community they reside in. This is why kingdoms don't last, the people will rise and rise as knights they will. This is only the beginning for I am just one person, one artist; but imagine what the politician would learn from mathematical/meritocratic philosophy. The scientist? The activist hungry for real change with analytic proofs to back their motivation?

"Be Better!" -Ms. Hollenbeck

Finally, I'd like to thank the people who saved me from a slippery slope of conspiracy theories and bad judgement in my earlier life. Special thanks to author alias Adam Weishaupt (Sex For Salvation) for if I never picked up my phone's kindle app to check for suggested books, I would have never found the plethora of knowledge suitable for those ready to unshackle themselves from their own mental prisons. Mike Hockney, Michael Faust and every mastermind who helped develop the rich content provide to mankind; you help so many save themselves and are an inspiration to the few that may help grow the many.

Special thanks to my art professor Mr. Torlakson whose views differ from mine in it's intensity, but has shown me how to develop my art skill with b&w pencils through oil painting. Always at the risk of becoming more knowledgeable.

Thank you.