Topical Themes

  • Exoplanets

  • M Dwarfs

  • Debris Disks

  • Primordial Disks

  • Instrumentation

Current Projects

  • AU Mic Exoplanet System Characterization

  • Precise RVs with iSHELL

  • EarthFinder

  • MINERVA, MINERVA-Australis

  • The role of RVs for future direct imaging missions

  • Mitigation of RV noise sources, particularly from stellar activity

  • M dwarf debris disks


  • Multi-wavelength precise radial velocities

  • Optical-IR photometric variability

  • Transits

  • Adaptive optics

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  • Novel approaches and interpretation

  • Instrumentation

  • Time series analysis

  • Statistical analysis (particularly Bayesian inference)

  • Observational Astronomy from 0.5 to 70 microns

  • Multi-lingual Programming, notably Python and Unix shell for data analyses. Telescope automation; interfacing with ASCOM.