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This site has been created to tell our visitors about our work and to help them to have some reliable information. We infuse regular changes in the site to provide maximum information to the visitors. Recently we have updated links of forums and tribunals and various courts' links on this website to give direct and quick access to you so that you don't need to run around for the correct and updated links for various Courts, Cause Lists, Orders and many more. The above mentioned links get updated automatically and weed out the problem of getting new updates now and then.

We have added various commonly searched Bare acts and Formats of documents to give ready reference to people who keep searching for various commonly used forms. We have checked these forms and these are good formats for the purpose. The formats are for suggestion only and we always advice that these formats should be used only after expert customization by a legal professional.

During Covid-19, we helped lot of people by providing various working links on one page, which proved crucial in the time of need. We hope people do not see that time again however we have retained those links also for future purposes.

The major purpose of creating this website is to provide help and ease of access to various legal information and portals. To achieve our endeavor, we have kept our Fee extremely reasonable but we have kept our professionalism at pinnacle. Our clients trust us because we work on truth, transparency and continuous legal support to our clients. We invite you to explore this website and we are sure that you will know, not only about us but also about our endeavor. Welcome to our online legal space, we have created, to help you.

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