THE "Welcome to Drysdale" MURAL


Sept 2016
From Left - Tess Grace (Bellarine Secondary College), Mercedes Drummond (Festival of Glass committee), Uncle David Tournier (Wathaurong Co-operative)

The mural

The mural's theme is: Bridging our Heritage: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow.

It aims to show how our community's past influences its present and its future.

In 2016, the Festival of Glass committee and its 'parent' the Drysdale and Clifton Springs Community Association Inc.* (DCSCA) created a glass and ceramic “Welcome to Drysdale” mural.

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(Subsequently, DCSCA has changed its name to the Drysdale, Clifton Springs Curlewis Association Inc.)


DCSCA collaborated with several people to design and create the mural:

  • Local ceramic artist Kaye Clancy, from the Festival of Glass committee, helped to create the mural's tiles.
  • Uncle David Tournier from the Wathaurong Co-op assisted staff and students from Bellarine Secondary College to create ceramic tiles depicting aspects of the town’s past and present. These tiles form the outer edge of the mural.
  • Wathaurong Glass created the glass centrepiece saying “Welcome to Drysdale”.
  • The Rotary Club of Drysdale supported the project financially.
Location of the sign - Town Center, Senior Citizens Club, at the corner of Clifton Springs Road and Wyndham Street, Drysdale, 3222.