Looking more. Can you ...

  • Find the croquet balls?
  • Identify a local team's colours?
  • Remember when football began in Drysdale?
  • Count how many different balls are on the panel?
  • Create a new sport for Drysdale?

Learning more. Do you know ...

  • What sports used to be played in Drysdale, but exist no longer?
  • What new sports are emerging this century?
  • Key dates for sports in Drysdale?


What sports used to be played in Drysdale BUT EXIST no longer?

Sport has always been important to the Drysdale & Clifton Springs communities. In the 19th century, local ground-breaking sports included hand ploughing and sparrow shooting. Today, neither of these sports is played any longer as far as we know - but ask a local sparrow!

What new sports are emerging this century?

In this century, the new Drysdale Sports Precinct will boost local trailblazers, including women ‘Aussie Rules’ footballers.

A trailblazing trend this century has been for sports people to express their support for particular social/political campaigns by wearing little wrist bands. The wrist bands shown on this panel are:

Pink - supporting breast cancer victims and calling for more funds to combat the condition;

Rainbow - supporting members of the LGBTI (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transsexual and intersexual) community as they combat discrimination against them;

Yellow-black-red - supporting Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander people as they combat discrimination.

What are some key dates for Sports in Drysdale?

1855 Ploughing matches begin

1871 Drysdale Cricket Club starts

1879 Drysdale Football Club starts

1887 Clifton Springs Golf Club course opens

1913 Drysdale Tennis Club courts built

1913 Drysdale bike track created

1948 Drysdale Bowling Club opens

1950s Croquet clubhouse opens

1970 Curlewis Golf Club opens

1974 Drysdale Football & Netball Club established

2008 Drysdale Soccer Club established

2016 Drysdale Gymnastics established

2001? Clifton Springs Skatepark opens

Hockey Bellarine established

2018 Drysdale Sports Precinct opens

2019 Lady Hawks football established

SOON? New swimming pool for the North Bellarine opens?????

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