Looking more. Can you ...

  • Find a Growling Grass Frog on the panel?
  • Identify the Casuarina (She Oak) branch?
  • Remember the meaning of “biodiversity”?
  • Count the number of fish in the bay?
  • Create a badge promoting local biodiversity?

Learning more. Do you know ...

  • How many groups the Bellarine Catchment Network works with?
  • How urbanisation has reduced biodiversity on the Bellarine Peninsula?
  • Why many local indigenous animals have become extinct?
  • The Bellarine Catchment Network’s logo?

Learning more

Why is biodiversity reducing on the Bellarine peninsula?

In the last two hundred years, land clearing – first for farming, then for housing estates and shopping centres – has changed the Bellarine Peninsula’s environments immensely. Many species of animals and plants have lost their habitats and this, combined with the introduction of feral species, has led to many local indigenous animals becoming extinct.

More land clearing and urbanisation will only reduce local habitats still further, consigning more indigenous species to extinction.

WhAT IS the Bellarine Catchment Network?

The Bellarine Catchment Network supports 30 community groups and organisations who protect, enhance and celebrate the local environment.