The master class of Drone UA company at school number 162

GIS-Association of Ukraine is a national community created to promote geospatial market.

The association supports collaboration of communities, professionals and companies in digital mapping, topography, navigation and remote sensing. We enhance land-owner rights legislation, defend legal rights of our members and ensure informational support for the members and partners. The main activity of the GIS Association is public and corporate events, conferences and projects.

Akademmistechko is the place where the buildings of institutes of geophysics, geochemistry, mineral physics, general and inorganic chemistry, metallophysics, colloidal chemistry and water chemistry, problems of molding, materials science of the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine are located.

It is located on the former outskirts of Kiev and adjoins the natural park "Goloseevsky". Aviation complex "Antonov" is nearby. The event is held in the middle school №162 of the city of Kyiv. The main tasks of the event are the display of modern GIS technologies for students by Geocache party and treasure hunt.

The event is held by members of the student association of geoinformatics of the Kiev National University with the support of the company of Esri Ukraine.

Venice in Pereyaslav

Historical GIS reconstruction of villages flooded by the Stalin reservoir. Studies of schoolchildren in the village of Tsybli of the bottom of the Kanev water reserve on the Dnieper with the use of GIS of modern instruments.

Old Dnieper

Cultural heritage project

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GIS Lab 162 School