State Chairmen 2016-2018

GFWC-NH Community Service Program Chairmen





Pam Conary

Home Life

International Outreach

Bobbie Knickerbocker

Public Issues

Nancy Greenberg

GFWC-NH Standing and Special Committees

Nominating Committee

Carol Waters, Chair

Signature Project:

Domestic Violence Awareness

TIna Smith

Junior Special Project Advocates for Children

Leadership & LEADS

Deb Provencher

Legilsation and Public Policy

Laurie Jasper

Women's History and Resource Center


Constitution and ByLAWS

Judy Maguire

Communication / Public Relations

Carol Waters

Ideas on how to promote club projects and programs. Read the newsletter for more details.

August 2017 Communication and Public Relations news.pdf

Scholarship Chair

Sandi Jones

NOTE: Entry & Attachments to State Chairman by Jun 1, 2017

Several GFWC-NH State Members are on the Board at GFWC.

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Communications and Public Relations

GFWC Chairman

Carol Waters

News and Notes

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