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2016-2018 GFWC-NH President Project

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Remember that the District Meetings are approaching!

Meetings will be in March and April. Please consider attending and supporting your fellow club women who plan these days. Check the calendar

An inside out activity!!

The Great Backyard Winter Bird Count takes place between February 17th and 20th. If anyone is interested you can get more information by going to You can count for 15 minutes or hours; all counts welcome and will help researchers learn about how birds are doing and what we can do to help them. The New Hampshire version, the Backyard Winter Bird Survey, takes place February 11 and 12. will have forms for you to print and instructions for doing the count. And of course, count your hours for next year’s Conservation Report.

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Three backyard winter birds at a bird feeder, cardinals and chickadee

House Bill 106

Thanks to all of you for your active opposition to House Bill 106, which would have required corroboration in sexual assault cases. The sponsors are no longer supporting the bill.

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The Annual meeting in May will be here.

It's a sleepover for those interested. Fri May 19 - Sat May 20

From the Mid-Winter Meeting held Jan 14, 2017

It was fun to make the food pantry sculptures. Some good laughs and creative minds! A woman, a pinwheel and a Coliseum. Wish some pictures of inside the coliseum were taken! Food was carefully repacked and donated to food pantries in NH.

New Website

This is our new website it just went live today 1/12/17. There are still a few more things that are being updated, so please bear with us as this happens. If you have suggestions or comments please send them to me, Lynne Abt at

We have a meeting coming up on January 14th. Hope to see you there.

FUNdraising at Mid Winter Meeting

Surprise Purse Silent Auction!! We request that each club bring a new or gently used purse with a surprise inside, total value greater than $20. The surprise inside could be jewelry, a gib certificate, movie tickets, etc.

We will also have a 50/50 Raffle

Food Pantry Sculpture at Mid Winter Meeting

Members are asked to bring 6 to 10 cans for building the Food Pantry Sculpture! Cans will be divided among member-related food pantries!! Extra cans from members not attending are also welcome.

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