Venoo Kakar ® Gerald Eric Daniels Jr., and Olga Petrovska, (2019) "Does Student Loan Debt Contribute to Racial Wealth Gaps? A Decomposition Analysis" Accepted with Minor Revisions in Journal of Consumer Affairs

(Earlier versions of this manuscript were titled "Student Loan Debt and Financial Health of U.S. Households")

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Venoo Kakar and Gerald Eric Daniels Jr., (2019) "Role of cash and costs of inflation for different income groups in the U.S." Economic Modelling, Available Online, In Press.

(Earlier versions of this article were titled "On the Redistributional Effects of Inflation in a Cash-in-Advance Economy")

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Gerald Eric Daniels Jr. and Andria Smythe, (2018) "Student Debt and Labor Market Outcomes" AEA Papers & Proceedings, Volume 109, pages 171–75.

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Gerald Eric Daniels Jr., and Venoo Kakar, (2018) "Normalized CES supply-side system Approach: How to replicate Klump, McAdam, and Willman (Review of Economics and Statistics, 2007)" Economics: The Open-Access, Open-Assessment E-Journal, Volume 12, Issue 2018-19, pages 1–13.

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Gerald Eric Daniels Jr., Venoo Kakar, and Anoshua Chaudhuri, (2017) "Racial Differences in Transitions to Marriage For Unmarried Mothers" Journal of Family and Economic Issues, Volume 38, Issue 147, pages 370–389.

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Gerald Eric Daniels Jr. and Venoo Kakar, (2017) "Economic Growth and the CES Production Function with Human Capital" Economics Bulletin, Volume 37, Issue 2, pages 930-951.

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Jobs and Housing (Im)balance in the San Francisco Bay Area with Venoo Kakar and Aditi Grossman

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