Video Introduction (YouTube)

As chairperson of the Department of Psychology at SUNY New Paltz between August of 2009 and August of 2017, Glenn has regularly overseen approximately 35 employees and a 7-figure annual budget. During this period, the university encountered several major budget crises. Working collaboratively with the administration, Glenn made sure that no full-time positions in the department were cut - and he made sure that the department maintained its capacity to offer high-quality academic programming for the 600+ students whom the Department oversees.

Glenn's fiscally cautious and resourceful nature allowed him to effectively navigate a subset of funding for the department allocated from College Auxiliary Services (CAS). During his tenure as chair, the total CAS budget for the department shrank by over 70%. In spite of this massive cut, Glenn made sure that all of the standard departmental programming that had traditionally been funded by CAS, such as the university's Cognitive Science Colloquium Series, were retained and, ultimately, fully funded (via other sources that Glenn was able to tap).

Glenn's experience dealing with large budgets across various fiscal circumstances bodes well for his work in the Ulster County Legislature.