Endorsements (brief)

“Plattekill, vote for Glenn. You won’t be sorry!” Donna Ebanks – Plattekill, District 12

Support for Glenn Geher, candidate for Ulster County Legislature – District 12 – Plattekill (Election: 11/7/17)

"Glenn Geher gets my personal endorsement. ... I really couldn't offer you a better guy to vote for." John Tobin - Hudson Valley radio legend and Plattekill icon

“Glenn Geher and I are of different political parties; we don't agree on a number of issues. But I served in the Ulster County Legislature for twelve years and know that partisan difference is less important in the work of county government than is integrity, sound judgment, a capacity for evidence-based decision making, a willingness to do what is right when the chips are down, and the ability to be effective with peers of diverse values and backgrounds. In this way, leadership in legislative service is a lot like leadership on a college campus. Glenn has amply demonstrated this type of leadership. When Glenn Geher is elected to the Ulster County Legislature, we will be well-served.” Gerald Benjamin – 12-year Republican member of Ulster County Legislature

“It is time for us to have a real advocate for our issues in the Ulster County legislature. Glenn is someone who carries our educational issues forward in everything he does. It is time to see some real positive change in Plattekill.” Walkill Teachers’ Association newsletter

On a personal level, Glenn’s ability to be an renowned professor, a family man and such an integral part of our local community has always blown me away. As a mentor Glenn taught me how to manage my time, conduct myself in a professional manner, and gave me the courage to go out into the workforce after graduation and make a difference in people’s lives within our community. No matter how busy he may seem, when in need, Glenn always makes time to actually sit down and listen to you. Because of his guidance and mentorship I was able to run a Rest Home in Modena, NY, with a population of elderly individuals in need of extra care.

Glenn’s written multiple books, published over one hundred articles, and has been invited to give talks all over the world. Glenn’s interdisciplinary approach to teaching and doing research effortlessly spills over into the realm of local politics and I am highly confident he will serve our community in the same way that he has served the academic community. Plattekill desperately needs a change and Glenn is the right person to oversee this transition. Quite frankly, Glenn Geher is an exemplar of excellence in every sense. A vote for him is a vote for progress within our community.” Rachael Carmen – Plattekill, District 12

“Glenn is honest and transparent; his only purpose in entering this race is to serve our community, not to help himself. Glenn’s formidable intellect, his energy and passion for the beautiful place where we live will make him an effective legislator, a public servant who will only be looking for the betterment of our community. I urge you to learn more about Glenn and to vote for him next November 7th.” Miryam Antunez De Mayolo - Plattekill, District 12

“I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Glenn Geher, candidate for Ulster County Legislator, District 12 (Plattekill), as community member and neighbor for over 11 years. During this time, Glenn has unceasingly proven himself to be an earnest, dynamic, benevolent, forward-thinking and community-minded individual.

In addition serving as Chair of the SUNY New Paltz Psychology Department, Glenn serves the people of Plattekill as Vice President of the Friends of the Plattekill Library and has taken on a key role as an organizer of Plattekill’s annual community celebration, Plattekill Day.” Allyson Shannon - Plattekill, District 12

“(Glenn’s) energy is amazing. And he is open to different points of view -- something we don't find often enough in academics or politicians. Finally, as an emeritus, I have always found Glenn eager to talk with me, appreciating my ideas, and simply treating me with genuine respect -- something we older, retired faculty members don't always find among the younger crowd. I know my peers have found him to be the same with them.

I have no doubt that Glenn Geher will be a hard-working, dedicated, and effective County legislator, who will benefit not only his own community but the entire county. His public service will be a gift to all of us, and I am very happy to endorse him.” Mark Sherman - New Paltz

Glenn has boundless energy and is passionate about issues related to education, healthcare, the environment and immigration. I am confident he will work hard for all the people living in Plattekill and throughout Ulster County. Glenn will do an excellent job representing the people of Plattekill, NY. I am a proud supporter of Glenn Geher in his running for Ulster County Legislator, District 12, Plattekill, democratic line.” Elizabeth Oates — Plattekill District 12

As County Legislator, I am confident that Glenn will incorporate the same care and dedication to his community as he does as a professor and chair. A long-standing member of the Plattekill community, Glenn has demonstrated his dedication through his position as Vice President of the Friends of the Plattekill Public Library along with playing a fundamental role in organizing Plattekill Day on an annual basis.” Graham Thomson – Plattekill District 12

“Glenn’s supranormal enthusiasm, affability, and organizational skills have no doubt led to his remarkable leadership roles in academia — and now (thankfully) to community work. Geher is fair, balanced, truly cares about social and environmental justice, is evidence-based — and even understands human psychology! Now add the fact that Glenn knows how to get things done — and lots of things, all at the same time, and you can see why I feel confident in urging you to vote for him.” Alice Andrews – New Paltz

“Glenn is not only highly competent, he also genuinely cares about people and will inconvenience himself to help someone else in need. I really wish there were more people like Glenn in the positions of power that shape the world we all live in. District 12 would greatly benefit from electing Glenn Geher to the Ulster County Legislature.” Daniel Kruger - University of Michigan

“Glenn is one of those rare folks who have a wonderful mix of keen intelligence, creativity, caring and organizational skills. Plattekill is lucky to have him run for office, and I encourage everyone to vote for him.” Fabio Danisi, MD - New Paltz

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