Your schools needs you!

Everything our school and PTA does is to support the classroom and our students. Whether it's raising money to fund NDI, recruiting volunteers to tutor students, or hosting a teacher appreciation breakfast, everything we do benefits our students in the classroom (happy teachers = happy and successful students).

One might ask, “How does serving food at a family event help my child read better?” It’s a valid question and the answer is simple…..

Fortunately, there are many ways to help students succeed - every little bit makes a BIG difference. You may:

  • Donate snacks directly to the classroom for students that may not have snack - students need brain food to learn - just drop off healthy snacks (whole fruit, dried fruit, applesauce, granola bars, fig newtons, crackers, cheese nips, cheese, etc) in the school office or directly to your child’s classroom

  • Volunteer in the Lobo Library - see Ms. McCabe, Teacher Librarian

  • Donate Keurig coffee pods, tea bags, paper coffee cups, sugar and cream to the staff lounge (we try to keep a supply of free coffee and tea for the staff) - just drop them off in the school office or staff lounge

  • Sponsor the Lobo FUN RUN

  • Donate a gift certificate in any denomination to local restaurants, coffee shops, book stores, Amazon, etc to be given to teachers as thank you gifts and prizes for students - drop them off in the school office or email to give directly to a PTA board member.

  • Earn while you Shop - Link your Smith's Rewards Card, Amazon account, and save Box Tops to earn money for our school - encourage grandparents, friends and co-workers to also link their accounts - no cost to you and the accounts work exactly the same way. Click for information on linking your accounts.

The future of PTA and beneficial programs for our students and teachers is highly dependent on volunteers and donations.

GSC PTA will only spend what we raise each school year - nothing more, nothing less so fundraising plays an important role (not the only role) in providing the best possible experience for our students.

Please click below or email us at if you are interested in helping raise money for our valuable school programs or click to make a tax-deductible donation.

Can you believe that every program and event on this page only exists because of volunteers? Yep, volunteers. Now, one might think that most of the "jobs" listed here should be done by teachers and school staff and not volunteers, but unfortunately, our schools are not properly funded - the school simply does not have enough people :( Until our society and government properly fund our schools, WE (families and community members) need to chip-in or the program or event will not happen this school year.

These programs and events are enriching programs that we think help make GCS a great school. These programs and events will only be available to our students if we have volunteers, so please help make GCS a great school for your child by chipping-in!

Ideally, the following programs and events will have two co-chairs - a parent volunteer (or middle-school student) and a GCS staff volunteer. The co-chairs will work together in designing the event, coordinating volunteers, and communicating with the school and GCS PTA Board Members. Plus a GCS Board Member will help you every step of the way.

2020-21 GCS PTA Programs and Events