PTA Board Members

The following board members’ terms are July 1, 2021 - June 30, 2022.

President: Jennifer Lopez

Vice President: Norma Jones

Treasurer: Robyn Romero-Cardenas

Secretary: Elizabeth Childress

Gonzales Community School PTA Board members dedicate at least one year of their time and energy to the Gonzales Community School Parent Teacher Association. GCS PTA Board members conduct meetings, recommend programs and partnerships for the benefit of GCS students and teachers, and manage the business operations of PTA. We also raise money to help eliminate financial barriers to additional education opportunities. PTA initiatives are recommended by the Board and its' members. Each one of our initiatives are determined by our guiding principles: eliminate financial barriers to education, enhance learning experiences, strengthen communication between home and school, and encourage every child to grow.

Each year, every board member works full-time outside of the home and still manages to contribute to their community by serving on the board. Being a PTA Board member is not all work - we actually gain much more than we give. Being a Board member enables you to bond with parents, teachers and students, be the first to learn about school news and events, be immersed in the social atmosphere of your child's school, help shape the quality of education at GCS, and much, much more. Your involvement makes a huge difference in our kids' GCS experiences.

A PTA Board Member's term begins on July 1 and concludes on June 30 of the following year. PTA Board Member nominations are in April and members are elected in May. Contact us at if you are interested in making a difference at your child's school.

To get involved, raise your voice, and share your ideas, please speak directly with a past or current board member or email us at You may also obtain our phone number from the GCS office staff. Thanks for being part of our community, and thank you for your support. It means a lot!

Roles and Responsibilities


The president oversees and facilitates PTA business. S/he runs Board and General Membership meetings. S/he is our main ambassador to Mr. Lopez and has regular meetings with him to discuss what’s going on at Gonzales Community School and how the PTA can help.

Vice President

The VP participates in the discussion at Board meetings and helps to facilitate the business of the PTA. S/he assists the president and takes over the duties of the president should s/he be absent.


The treasurer keeps track of PTA income and expenditures and helps create and maintain budgets and make financial statements available when requested. S/he presents updated budgets at every Board and General Membership meeting. S/he also prepares IRS forms and reports and provides the NM PTA our annual budget.


Secretary takes the minutes of Board and General Membership meetings and keeps track of PTA correspondence and procedural documentation.