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Welcome to the Gay and Saved web site!

This web site documents my ongoing journey to discover who I am, why I was made, and where I will be going when I die. I invite you to explore it, ponder it, think about it, and see if there is anything here that you can relate to, or that may apply to your present life. This site is new in the sense that it has been revised a number of times as a result of review, prayer, and input from those who have visited it. It underwent a huge update and rewrite in June, 2013 and I think it is better than ever.

Click on any of the topics at the top of the screen (or if you have three horizontal bars at the top left, touch them to open the sub-menu) to read more about the particular topic. "My Story" is a good one to explain where I have come from, and some of my past challenges of being homosexual. Most of my teen years were turbulent and painful as I struggled with how to deal with my homosexuality and its war with my spirituality and desire to know and love the God who made me.


The subject of being a gay male and dealing with suicide is very relevant and important to me due to personal past experience. Read about that in the "I want to know what love is" topic below, especially if you have been thinking about suicide, as many of us gay guys (myself very much included in that) have.

If you are having present thoughts about suicide, please call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255 right now.

If you are having immediate or serious thoughts of suicide, call these folks right now! Don't delay!

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