Who we are and what our objectives are

As this year’s business season winds down you are likely assessing the results of 2017's efforts and wondering how you can grow your business and make it even more profitable than it is. This website I have created, is a place for you to promote your business in addition to your efforts with Newfoundland and Labrador tourism. Please note that this is completely free. I do not want anything from you, except for you to fill out a survey.

As you know the traveller has changed greatly since we were kids. The average couple on vacation are now more and more likely to require accommodations for pets. While the Newfoundland and Labrador tourism site is a great source for the average tourist planning their vacations, it is quite limited on the information that it supplies in terms of places that are “Pet Friendly”. Tourists with animals are required to call each place defined as “pet friendly” to determine what they include, leaving additional stress for both tourists and those in the tourism trade, like yourselves.

I, the creator of this web site, am among these people. My name is John Cherwinski. I grew up in St. John’s and I’ve spent most of my professional life on the West Coast in the Stephenville area. As a student and teacher of geography and history I’ve spent the past decade and a half devoting whatever time I have available to exploring the streets, highways, back roads and trails of this fascinating and picturesque part of the world. Accompanying me and my wife is our pet, a medium-sized love-you-to-death Bernese Mountain Dog named Mackenzie. We have found many irritations, and have heard hundreds complaints and horror stories from tourists due to the fact that some people define “pet friendly” different than others.

To address the problem of partial and faulty information is the objective of this website based on an extensive survey of all facilities available in the province. To ensure accuracy I would appreciate it if you would complete the questionnaire as fully as you are able and return it to me at your earliest convenience. The resulting guide will become, I hope, the most comprehensive source of information for all families traveling Newfoundland and Labrador. The hope is that the more businesses who fill out the survey who are pet friendly, the more popular the web site will be, the more people will view the site, the better your business will be promoted!

Once we have enough information to post, the website will have a forum for Tourists with animals to discuss and promote their perfect tourist destinations, a forum for business owners like yourself to discuss. This will also be tied in with a facebook group, and twitter feed and, potentially, a youtube channel.

Again, I am not expecting anything from you, except a few minutes of your time. You in return, could benefit much more! If you fill out the survey, and wish to change any information later, simply email me at:

How it benefits travellers like myself:

  1. It allows travellers a one place shop to find accommodations that label themselves as “Pet Friendly” in Newfoundland and Labrador.
  2. It allows those that require animals to accompany them (Service dogs) a easy access to a list of accommodations.

How it benefits those in the Tourism sector, like yourself:

  1. It allows those who have accommodations that are deemed as pet friendly, free promotion and advertising.
  2. It allows those who have pet friendly accommodations to properly, efficiently define and promote what characteristics they consider when classifying as Pet friendly.
  3. This will hopefully promote more tourism into Newfoundland, allowing tourists from away an easier access to your accommodations, creating more business for everyone.


I appreciate whatever information you are able to offer. In the meantime, allow me to extend to you and your family the best of the season and for filled-to-overflowing reservation books for 2018 and beyond bearing the names of travelers from the province, Canada, and the world eager to enjoy and return.

To access the survey, please click here:


John Cherwinski, B.A., D.IT., B.Ed., M.Ed