Happy “Tails” to you!

The pros and cons of exploring Newfoundland Labrador with our fur families

June 26th, 2018

It is the time of year to plan for a holiday. The booking websites are open, ferry schedules are posted, the travel guides have been published, and our summer hosts are eager to greet you us as many stories as we wish to hear. There are reservations to be made. With a pointed wet nose pressed against the leg from your favourite furry friend, struggling for total domination of the keyboard in front of us we contemplate one of life’s eternal questions--should we be accompanied by our friends or not on this summer odyssey away from the places and projects which dominate our lives most of the year. To us the conclusion is obvious. Take our animals along, for a number of reasons.

Your pet: the one who spends 24 hours a day making you happy! They deserve vacations as well!

The most appreciative when trips are planned! Be sure to share your happy times with the ones you love!

First, it’s a matter of expense. Temporary animal lodging is expensive and unless your provider can guarantee the same care and attention that your doting mother or sister would provide your animal will be better off with you.

The second is convenience. To follow your curiosity without scheme or schedule not knowing what the next cove offers is refreshment at least every hour all day and every day that we travel. You arrive at your destination refreshed and exhilerated.

You have fulfilled the objectives of a vacation. You have arrived at a destination for some rest in preparation for another day of discovery. You are refreshed and content with the world around you. What about your furry friend who has endured the bumps and bangs of a sometimes bad road in some awkwardly uncomfortable position? Herein lies the hidden benefit of holidaying with your pet: You have been made more-or-less whole again with cares and concerns far away. The new sights, sounds and smells are as magical to a naturally curious creature. For some the simple absence of noise is therapeutic. More important, your pet has also been freed from the daily responsibility of seeing to your wellbeing and responding accordingly. It is well know that pets are incredibly attuned to their human companion’s anxieties and concerns. When things are really rough they draw closer knowing their social services are required and that their purring or snoring are a sign things cannot be all problematic. Being near you when you are enjoying the benefits of vacationing must be extra satisfying for them as well: you are at peace with the world and so are they. They too need a break from your anxiety.

Just like a pet makes you happy, your happy pet makes you happy! So be happy on vacation together!

For your pet’s sake take him/her on vacation with you. As most pet owners are aware, there is no better calling card to meet local people from the communities you visit. Despite a real desire to engage with visitors many will hold back rather than appearing too “forward” but when the traveler is accompanied by an animal there is common ground and communion providing an opportunity to present phone pictures and anecdotes of their own furry friends. So give your four-legged friends a well-earned break. You’ll be extra glad you did.

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