meet our tutors

Paula is one of our tutors. She contributes with some of her time to help teenagers of rural areas in Colombia have better opportunities in life. She rocks! 👏

With 90 minutes per week you can change the life of many youngsters in Colombia


  • You should have a minimum of 90 free minutes per week to participate as a Tutor. We are quite flexible in the day and time you choose.

  • Young people get super excited when they start working with their new tutor. This is why we expect you to join us for a minimum period of 3 months.

  • We do not expect you to be a professional English teacher. In fact, none of the tutors are; We are all people who simply have good knowledge of the language (level B2 +, C1 or C2)

  • You must be at least 18 years old.

  • This is a voluntary position. There isn't any type of compensation (including economic) for this activity, only the satisfaction of helping other people 😊

  • Although desirable, you don't have to speak Spanish to participate as a tutor.

  • The tutorials are carried out online, so you can be located anywhere in the world.

  • The practices focus on exercises with which we help students improve their listening, speaking, writing, and grammar skills.

  • We have developed a specific method and we use online tools, so you should not worry about the methodology and tools to use. We will show you step by step how to organize the practices.


Fill out the form below 👇 and send your application video to our WhatsApp (+57 319 529 1817). As soon as we have this we will contact you


How do we find potential students?

We have strong connections with community leaders of rural areas in Colombia; they help us find those teenagers that need our help the most. Most students are in the age group of 16-24 years, some of them dedicated exclusively to the program 🤓. All people interested in the program are welcomed to apply through our website, and a selection process is then carried out to identify those youngsters who need this opportunity the most.

How are students selected?

Students are selected based on their location (it must be a rural or a vulnerable urban area), their age, and current occupation; People who have graduated from high school and are now unoccupied have the highest priority.

Is this program free for students?

Yes. The program is 100% free for students 😊


Our tutorships focus on reading, listening, grammar, and conversation exercises with students. Look at an example: